Pax Dei FAQ

For those wondering about Pax Dei, All the information we have so far to answer the most frequently asked questions about this upcoming cloud native MMO is neatly structured together in our Pax Dei FAQ.
If you’ve just found this game this is the article for you, even if you have had it in your sights for a while you might still learn something new.

Pax Dei FAQ

Pax Dei FAQ

Release information

Pax Dei FAQ

Release Date

There is currently no release date planned for Pax Dei although there is an open Alpha application up right now, check out our Alpha signup guide if you are interested in signing up.

Release Platforms

Pax Dei will release on PC on the steam client, although with support for cloud based gaming so technically it will be playable anywhere on any device. support for other platforms will be looked at after PC and cloud launch

Pricing and Monetisation

Pricing is currently unknown nothing is off the table yet, this includes the possibility of subscriptions and localized pricing. There has been no official stance regarding micro transactions either although we suspect the possibility of this is extremely low.

Web3 and The Blockchain

Pax Dei will feature no Web3 or blockchain elements, how Mainframe Industries intends to monetize Pax Dei is currently unknown.

Release Regions

Pax Dei is aiming to release globally on steam but for now we have yet to be able to confirm SA/SAE server support.

What is the Game Engine?

Pax Dei will run on UE5 on a custom pipeline designed by Mainframe Industries in house team.

Recommended PC Specs

There has currently not been any information released on this topic, although we suspect the requirements to be rather up there with the switch to UE5 and the use of systems like Lumen.

Will it be Cloud Gaming?

Pax Dei will natively support cloud gaming, meaning it should be playable on any device with a screen. How this will work in its entirety we don’t currently know.


As it stands currently on launch Pax Dei is looking at providing native language support for: English, French and German. They will also offer support in these languages specifically.

Game Information

Pax Dei FAQ

Will it be Full Loot PvP?

PvP will be fully Opt-in with disclaimers warning players upon entering modes or zones in which they risk PvP, how much of your inventory is lost upon death is currently unknown. PvP will be rewarded using various ingame systems. If you would like to know more about PvP in Pax Dei make sure to check out our post on the topic.

Is the game Third Person Perspective?

Pax Dei will play exclusively in third person although players have the ability to zoom their camera in and out a fair bit.


Pax Dei will have an player fueled economy based around trading coins for resources, to prevent inflation in the long run there will be several exits for coin through different game systems.

Will we have an Inventory Weight limit?

“We want the logistics to matter but more on crafting, building and trading. We don’t want to be too punishing and limiting with your personal gear and stuff you need for PvE.”

Is there a Server Size?

Pax Dei will feature a shard system, a popular solution for Unreal Engine games to get the maximum amount of players into game per server. Mainframe Industries CEO Thor Gunnarsson has been quoted saying they aim to allow up to 20,000 players per server shard.

Will VOIP be in the Game?

VOIP is something Mainframe Industries is looking into adding together with their ingame chat system although they are not ready to elaborate further on what VOIP may end up looking like.

What Storage options will we have?

There will be no magical storage or bank NPC’s, all storage has to be player build and can be shared with others.

What sort of Trading will there be?

All items within Pax Dei are freely tradeable between players, Mainframe Industries has vowed to limit the players in as little ways as possible and allowing trading of every item ingame is a great step towards this.

Is there Questing?

With a lack of traditional NPC given quests Pax Dei will look into making quests all about exploration, deduction and collaboration with other players around you. Finding your way to certain areas and having the right tools for the job will be paramount to “Questing” in Pax Dei.

Is there an In Game Map?

Players will have access to an ingame map, rumors of a minimap are floating around but nothing has been confirmed so far.

What information do we have on Guilds?

Guilds are a major corner stone of Pax Dei, Mainframe industries hasn’t directly commented on exact sizes or other restrictions put on guilds. They did mention the desire to limit the player base as little as possible to see the politics and guilds organically evolve and form.

Is there Dungeons?

Dungeons are ment to be mysterious and dangerous, mastering them will take immens practice and exploration. Learning the layout and mysteries of certain dungeons will greatly help players farm them properly. Dungeons will be static and predictable.

What are the Controls?

Pax Dei will feature a standard 3rd person perspective with WASD controls for the main PC port, with standard digital thumbsticks and a simplified control scheme featuring in its cloud based version.

What NPC’s will we see?

Pax Dei will feature hostile and passive NPC’s in PvE but we won’t see any friendly quest givers or vendors, all of that will be done by the players.


Pax Dei developers have mentioned they intend to allow players to have friendly interactions with several NPC entities.

Is there a Guild Permission System?

Pax Dei will feature a fully fledged permission system for several tiers of the game including the guilds, sharing permissions with guild crafters or friends will be paramount to your survival.

Classes and Leveling

Pax Dei FAQ

What Classes are there?

Pax Dei will feature no explicit classes allowing the player to have the maximum amount of choice customizing their setup to their liking. Equipped items,weapons,armor and magic spells will define your playstyle and there by what role you can fill in “The Holy Trinity”.

Healing and friendly fire

Pax Dei will feature targeted and AoE healing abilities, how they come into play if its through magic or something else is currently unknown. Same goes for friendly fire, as of now there is no final word on friendly fire

Is it Tab Targeting?

Pax Dei will not feature a tab targeting combat style, rather it will focus on action combat much like dark souls. Weapons will work on a 3 swing combo instead.

Is Levelling Fun?

Leveling will consist progressing through a skill tree and equipping different tiers and types of armor and weapons.

The Holy Trinity

Pax Dei will support the idea of a Holy trinity(Tank,Healer,Dps) But they are aiming to make it ever so slightly more flexible, unlike other games in the genre you will be by no means locked to one of these three archetypes but are infact encouraged to explore different playstyles through swapping armor,weapons and items to your liking.


  • Helmet
  • Pauldrons
  • 3x Body Armour including (Breastplates, Chain Mail & Tunics)
  • Gauntlets
  • Gloves
  • Leg Guards
  • Breeches
  • Shoes and Boots
  • 3 Rings, 2 Bracelets, Necklace, Earrings
  • Cape

What sort of Drops will we get?

Dungeons and PvE can drop unique items which can be freely traded between players.

Crafting and Building

Pax Dei FAQ

What is the Item Durability like?

Items will show wear and tear through use with a special wear system being introduced into the game, this goes for everything in game from weapons and armor to any other items used by the player.

What is the Crafting like?

Crafting will be a major part of Pax Dei with endless items to craft and thousands of possibilities, Crafting can certainly be a playstyle if you wanted it to be. Farming through mining,logging and foraging will be a major part of the crafting gameplay loop.

Is there Building?

Building will be reminiscent of games like Valheim and Rust with a free building style allowing players to build on claimable plots. With Mainframe Industries stating they intend to use “Basic state of the art building mechanics”.

Can we use Shops?

Players will be able to build their own shops which we assume will function something like a vending machine in order to continue selling items while players are offline.

Resource Respawn

Resources like trees will respawn back after being chopped down, respawn time of resources is a major balance question for the Pax Dei team and will be something they focus on getting just right in the upcoming alpha.

Will the game support Digging?

Pax Dei will feature no terrain destruction due to technical limitations, the game isn’t build to support it.


Pax Dei will have mining as a form of resource gathering, in its current state you smash nodes much like other survival games.

What Food will we see in Pax Dei?

Like all things in Pax Dei food will be created by player cooks through farming and scavenging the lands in order to keep the continents population alive.


Within the initial release of Pax Dei we can expect to find large bodies of water and rivers all across the lands, sadly so far ships and boats are not going to make an appearance in the first versions of the game. swimming is confirmed however.

Will we get Taming and Pets?

Mainframe Industries has alluded to the possibility of both taming and ownership over pets within Pax Dei, If it makes it in for the first version of the game and how it will work in general is still unknown at this stage.

Character Customization

Pax Dei FAQ

What Races are there in Pax Dei?

All players will be born into Pax Dei as Humans, this seems to be a design decision and is unlikely to change in the future.

Is there Character Customization?

Pax Dei promises to have a large variety of options regarding Character customization.

Aging or other character degradation over time

As of now there is no system in place to support these features. It is not a high priority for Mainframe Industries.

Extra Info

Pax Dei FAQ

Is there a Content Creator Program?

At the bottom of the Pax Dei website you can find their link for the content creators program.

Where can I Sign up for Alpha?

To sign up to alpha check out our alpha signup guide.

Is there an API?

Mainframe Industries have stated they would love to add the ability for players to have access to the games API in order to allow as many player made tools as possible.

Will there be Private Servers?

Pax Dei aims to maximize human interaction so private servers are currently not planned.

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