Pax Dei Alpha Signup

Pax Dei Alpha Signup has finally opened up to the public, in a recent surprise announcement from Pax Dei developer Mainframe Industries we got our first look at how to sign up for their upcoming hands on Alpha build of the game.

Pax Dei Alpha Signup

Pax Dei Alpha Signup

Help wanted! To build a better sandbox, we need people to start playing in it. Are you the bold, adventurous type who craves the thrill of testing an unfinished game? A game that’s still somewhat rough (okay, sometimes very rough) around the edges? Then sign up to become one of our testers. Your feedback will help us make Pax Dei the best game it can be.
As we work towards building a persistent world, we intend to conduct regular tests of expanding scale and duration (with some occasional resets, owing to the Divine’s mysterious ways).
Signing up is simple – enter your email in the sign-up box at the top of the page. In the coming weeks, we’ll send an email prompting you to complete your profile. Be sure not to skip this step, as it will increase your chances of being selected.
We look forward to seeing you in the game!

Sign up walk through

You can sign up to the Pax Dei alpha by clicking the image above or visiting their website at this: Link

As mentioned in the news post from the development team Signing up is simple, head to the following link and click on the Alpha sign up button at the top of the page, keep an eye on your email for a follow up email to complete your account setup. This step is paramount to get invited, Mainframe Industries has made it clear they want a diverse tester pool by making sure they have a good selection of consumer graphic cards being used to test their game.


After verifying your Account information and adding Security measures if you wanted to we can get into setting up our Alpha Access Application. Firstly, link your Steam account. Once this is done we can get to the actual Alpha Access Application.

Alpha Access Application

After linking your Steam (Again) and checking your Country settings are correct you will have to complete a “Gamer profile survey” to continue, its not a pass fail test just fill it out honestly so Mainframe Industries can get a good feeling for the type of testers they are dealing with. There are no wrong answers.
After completing your gamer profile you get to put in your Device or Devices, Make sure to answer this truthfully as its important for Mainframe Industries to get the right testers for their game.

Friends Token

If your planning on playing with friends make sure to generate a Friends token and make sure to all put the exact some token in, if everything goes to plan and your friends get invited you should be invited along.

Opt out

If you find yourself no longer interested or busy at the time of the alpha you can choose to Opt Out on your profiles Dashboard.

Known Issues

1- After clicking “Click to proceed” certain browsers might get stuck, try using a different browser or clearing your browser cache.
2- Confirmation Email gets send to spam folder, Keep an eye out on your spam folder and make sure to confirm the Email as a high priority instead of spam to make sure you don’t lose them again.
3- Certain graphics cards might not be represented in the drop down, if this is the case choose the next closest in the series performance wise.
4-If you still have issues finding the email try searching for emails by:
5-Steam linking can bug out on mobile devices, we suggest filling out the application on a PC.
6-Using google to sign in will automatically create an account with your google details meaning no verification Email is sent, this has no further impact and you will still get an email if you are selected for Alpha.
7- Upon clicking “Save” after inputting a friend token some users may get shown an exclamation mark rather then the green check mark and as a result the token does not get added onto the alpha application, Refresh your web browsers cache and try again this should fix it and allow you or your friends to re-input their friend code with no issues this time.

Make sure to keep an eye on MMO-WIKI for further news and updates about Pax Dei or check out our Pax Dei FAQ.


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