Shigawire part 4

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels Part 4

Dune Awakening Shigawire Reels part 4 gives us a short run down of the layout within the Shield wall. home to The Exchange and a large population of non locals living their life in peace, For now.
Riches are made and taken here on the daily, resources trade and distributed. Policed by the Sardaukar to make sure The Exchange is safe for all to enter.

Shigawire Reels Part 4

Shigawire reels part 4


“Home to mostly non-Fremen locals, the villages of Arrakis are trade hubs for resources and information.
Keep your weapon holstered or be prepared to face the overseeing Sardaukar.”
Dune shigawire reels

The Exchange

“Those in search of player-sourced tech,schematics,weapons, and raw resources like spice can find them at the exchange, or they can try their luck with one of the many other vendors that crowd the villages.”
Dune shigawire reels

Most notable from this video is the mention of player trading regarding spice/schematics/fully crafted weapons and tech. It seems there will be a worth while market setup for players to trade between each other either with direct resource exchange in the form of spice or with an in game currency as incentive.
We seem to have gotten a small hint at the exchange being a hard safe zone as well with NPC vendors and player trading taking place there.

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