Alchemy Skill in Pax Dei

Powders ground between the pestle and mortar spark and sizzle on the tongue. Alchemy is a skill learnable in Pax Dei that will allow us to craft health potions, holy water, and other magical concoctions.

Crafting Stations

Currently, there are 2 Alchemy Crafting stations in the game, the Basic Apothecary Table and the Reagent Distillery.

Basic Apothecary Table

Small Health Potion x2 Berserker Mushroom
x2 Water

Reagent Distillery

Extract from Loios’ Tears x20 Loios’ Tears Leaves
Blessing Incense x5 Extract from Loios’ Tears
x1 Silver Fir Branch
x2 Charcoal
Holy Water x10 Water

Full Alchemy Item List


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