Advanced Guide To The Rune Table In Return To Moria

The Rune Table in Return to Moria. A tool to strengthen one’s weapons for battle. Holding the power to infuse magical runes in steel and iron, the Rune Table is a useful workstation to have in your base. Here, we’ll go over everything about the Rune Table. Hold on tight and sharpen your weapons! Let’s jump into it, shall we?

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The Rune Table In Return To Moria

Rune Table Build Recipe

To build the Rune Table, you will need only 2 things in Return to Moria. Steel Ingots and Elven wood. The table below shows exactly how many you need of these two resources and where you can find them.

ResourceWhere to find
1x Steel Ingot
Once you’ve unlocked the Great Furnace of Narvi, (located at the back of the Elven Quarters), this recipe will be available to craft with the Furnace.

To craft a Steel Ingot, you will need 3x Iron Ore and 3x Coal.
15x Elven Wood
Elven Wood can be farmed in the Elven Quarters.

Using The Rune Table

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with how to create the Rune table, let’s go over exactly how to use it. The Rune Table is used to strengthen your weapons to make them stronger with magical Runes you can find in the game. You can find runes as you continue to play through the game but some runes may be harder to find than most. In Return to Moria, there are 3 tiers for Runes. Common, Rare, and Epic. As the tiers progress, the stronger the effects of the runes become.

Here are the most recommended Runes to look for:

  • Khamin Rakhas Rune: Deal increased damage to Orcs.
  • Narsil’s Swiftness RuneIncrease your attack speed.
  • Durin’s Fire Rune: Deal increased fire damage and set enemies on fire.
  • Glamdring’s Glow Rune: Mark enemies in your vicinity, making them easier to see.
  • Anduril’s Bane Rune: Deal increased damage to trolls and other large enemies.

For example, to achieve the Thunderstrike Iron War Axe from the Damir Rune, you will need 3 Topaz which Goblins will have the chance to drop once dispatched. Sapphires and other minerals used for the Rune Table can also be found via Goblins or mining.

thunderstrike rune
orcbane rune

List Of Runes You Can Inscribe To Your Weapon

Written below are the runes you can inscribe to your weapons with the Rune Table in Return to Moria:

Khamin Rakhas RuneAttacks generate fire damage and burn enemies.x3 Sapphire
Damir RuneGives the ability to generate shockwaves when attacking and knocking back enemies.x3 Topaz
Udula RuneAttacks generate cold damage and slow enemies.x3 Amethyst
Ashnaraz RuneAttacks generate fire damage and burns enemies.x3 Ruby
Ihinaf RuneIncreases stamina and damage done when hunting animals.x3 Anorin
Yarog-luthulGives a chance to drop Ironwood when chopping trees.x3 Emerald
Khalash-Mahal RuneAttacks generate radiant damage and knock-back Shadows.x3 Sunstone
Khamin Shaza’inIncreases damage against dragons and glows when they are in your vicinity.x3 Diamond
Glamrig’s Glow RuneGives you the ability to see your enemies highlighted in a certain vicinity.
Andurin’s Bane RuneIncreases damage to Trolls and large enemies.
Narsil’s Swiftness RuneIncreases one’s attack speed.

Some Runes for the Rune Table can only be unlocked through slaying bosses and enemies. Now, knowing that the Rune Table in Return to Moria needs a handful of gems, be sure to stock up on the various minerals you can find through mining and combat. The Rune Table in Return to Moria is one of the most useful workbenches in the game. Whenever you’re preparing for a boss or a horde, don’t forget your runes!

We hope you enjoyed our advanced guide on the Rune Table in Return to Moria. We wish you the best in your endeavors, warrior! If you’d like to keep updated on guides, news updates on Moria or any other game, or just a community for gamers alike, join our official discord channel! Stop by to say hi and keep enjoying Return to Moria.


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