How to Activate the Great Furnace of Narvi

Welcome, dwarfs, to the guide on activating the Great Furnace of Narvi in “The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.” This guide will help you explore the depths of Moria, discover the Great Furnace’s importance, and provide step-by-step instructions for its activation. Join us on this adventure to unlock the secrets of this legendary dwarven forge and explore Middle-earth’s hidden treasures.

Great Furnace of Narvi Activated Appearance

Great Furnace of Narvi Location

As you journey through the game’s storyline, you’ll uncover brand-new landscapes, each with its own captivating stories, items, and intriguing surprises. When you make your way to the enchanting Elven Quarter in Return to Moria, imagine being greeted by the warmth of sunlight, encounters with bears and Goblins, and the sight of the grand stone building that houses the Great Furnace. Yet, to reawaken its fires, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and take on the challenge of restoring its functionality.

Great Furnace of Narvi Entrance

How to Activate the Great Furnace of Narvi

Begin by entering a room that is next in the elven quarters, in the western halls. You will then discover a dark room, basically the Great Furnace of Narvi itself. Once you’ve entered the room, you’ll find that the furnace doesn’t work because some parts need to be replaced for it to be functional for the players. Several items are required for you to activate the power of the Great Furnace of Narvi.

Great Furnace of Narvi Room

Getting the Replacement Parts

To activate the Great Furnace of Narvi, players must find or craft the missing components necessary for its operation. These components include a Replacement Pipe, Replacement Gear, and Replacement Crank, all of which can be found within the room or be crafted using your iron ingots. Rest assured, the considerable effort invested in restoring this legendary furnace will yield advantageous results.

Crafting the Replacement Parts

Replacement Crank

Locating the Crank is a straightforward task. You’ll discover it resting on the ground immediately beside the furnace. This particular piece is an integral part of the mechanism itself. Just approach it, pick it up, and proceed to position it onto the handle of the device to initiate the repair process for the initial component.

Replacement Crank

Replacement Gear

The Gear is also conveniently situated near the furnace. To the left of the furnace, you’ll notice a flight of stairs. Just a short distance past these stairs, you’ll find the Gear propped against the wall. Retrieve the Gear and ascend the staircase. You’ll encounter a designated slot on the wall where you can easily fit the Gear into its proper place.

Replacement Gear

Replacement Pipes

Lastly, getting the Replacement Pipes for the Great Furnace of Narvi is probably one of the trickiest parts of this mission, as it’s not situated as close to the Great Narvi Furnace as the other components. Just before entering the furnace, within the large room, there’s a small orc camp guarding the entrance. Adjacent to the Orc camp lies a small enclave tucked between the walls, where you can spot the Replacement Pipe resting against one of the walls.

Replacement Pipe

Once you secure it, return to the furnace and ascend the stairs on the right. When you reach the upper level, hit the R key to activate the throwing mode, enabling you to toss the replacement pipe to the upper level. Leap after it swiftly and retrieve it before it plummets, ensuring you can then place it in the designated location for repairs.

Building Stairs to Carry Replacement Pipe

Activated Great Furnace of Narvi

Once you’ve successfully assembled all the components and triggered the activation of the Great Furnace of Narvi, be ready for a clash as a horde of adversaries will descend upon you. Therefore, make sure you are well-prepared for combat. It’s worth noting that the smaller goblins are notably less formidable than usual, so it’s advisable to locate a strategic chokepoint to hold your ground, which should enable you to handle the situation effectively.

Great Furnace of Narvi Completion

Another significant benefit you’ll gain upon the successful activation of the furnace is the unlocking of Steel recipes and related resources that can be utilized in your home base furnace. With these resources, you’ll have the ability to craft valuable items such as the steel pickaxe and the eregion spear.

Eregion Spear


Activating the Great Furnace of Narvi in “The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria” is a challenging but rewarding task, connecting players to the rich lore of Middle-earth and unlocking valuable Steel recipes for crafting. Restoring this legendary dwarven forge brings light and heat and opens the door to exciting adventures in the depths of Moria. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for LOTR Return To Moria on our homepage!


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