Clans in Pax Dei

Clans are confirmed to be a big part of Pax Dei. The game is a Social Sandbox MMO with Clans at its heart, with the hope that Clans will create villages and trading hubs for all to enjoy.

Clan Size

There is currently no confirmation on clan sizes. “I envision some very different Clan sizes, all according to what the members of the individual Clans prefer, what they are wanting to accomplish in game, which types of structures they build and where they do it.

As has been stated several times, we are designing this game with emergent gameplay in mind.  We want to give players basic tools and building blocks, to do with as they see fit. We are not going to try to dictate what is optimal or make rules that force players to create the Clans we think are somehow of the “Correct” size.”

Clan Permissions

There will be permissions for crafters and other elements in the game and you as the Clan leader can decide who to share the permissions with.

Clan Chat

Proximity Chat

It is unknown if Proximity Chat will be in the game.

In Game Voice Chat

In game voice chat is planned eventually.


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