Introducing Automatons

Time to break down the latest lore tidbit from the Nightingale Discord: Introducing Automatons, a magical chess inspired mystery wandering the realms of Nightingale. Passive until provoked these magical machines aren’t necessarily your worst enemy.

Introducing Automatons

Not much is known about the Automatons, they seem to have been long abandoned by the Fae who originally built them. Machines imbued with magical properties, a fully autonomous creation being able to sustain itself and its fellow Automatons. Focused on purely surviving the Automatons have several odd behaviors, you will find them all across the realms gathering what they need to keep going.


With an instinct to be passive unless provoked the Automatons aren’t Realmwalkers worst nightmare just yet, As long as you do not tempt faith around these curious creations you should be fine. With two faces to indicate their current levels of hostility towards the player just make sure to always check their face from a little distance before coming up to an Automaton. If you think you’ve grown strong enough to take on the Automaton hordes you will want to watch out for their power full ranged and melee attacks, their attack prowess is no joke and should not be taken lightly especially by the novice Realmwalker.

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