Where To Get Refined Pigment In Nightingale

Welcome to a quick guide on Refined Pigment in Nightingale. Here, we’ll talk about what you need to craft refined pigment as well as the station to use for its process.

refined pigment in nightingale

Refined Pigment In Nightingale

There are many ways to create Refined Pigment in Nightingale. You could use meat from hunting, ores from mining, and so much more to get pigment. You could even use berries! Here’s exactly how.

Simple Mortar Station

Using a simple Mortar Station, go ahead and take a look at the recipe for Refined Pigment in Nightingale. It should tell you what you need or what you can use for the item. Just right-click the ingredient and pick your pigmented item which can be an Ore, piece of Meat, berries, you name it. From there, click craft, and boom! You’ve got some Pigment! Easy right?

pigment recipe

Simple Mortar Station Recipe

To craft the simple mortar station, you’ll need a few things. The Simple Mortar Station is quite the expensive station to craft but it’s highly worth your while! We have also included how you can get the following ingredients.

  • x3 Lumber – made through the Saw Table using Wood Bundles.
  • x8 Animal Fiber – made through the Tanning Station using meat.
simple mortar station

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, feed them through the building process and now, you can use the Mortar Station for your projects. If you don’t have the recipe for the Simple Mortar Station yet, you will be able to obtain it from the Abeyance Essence Trader in your first respite realm. He can be found near the portal in your area. Take a look at the image below for better reference. There is a trader in any Realm but for your convenience, visit him in your first realm after the tutorial stage to stock up on some blueprints for your future projects like Refined Pigment in Nightingale!


Now, let’s discuss the ways you can get the ingredients.

Refined Pigment Ingredients


One way you can get ingredients for Refined Pigment in Nightingale is by hunting. You can use meat! That’s right. Among the many ingredients you can use, you can use meat on the Mortar station to create pigment. You can grab some meat by hunting any kind of creature big or small! Listed below are some of the creatures you can hunt in any realm. In other realms, for example, the Antiquarian Realm, you may see more rare creatures such as the Meppik or the Achlis Deer.



As mentioned before, you can use ores as an ingredient for Refined Pigment. In this case, you can use any ore of your choosing. Whether it be Raw Gem Quartz or Tin Ore, it wouldn’t be an issue! Tin is the easiest Ore to obtain using a Simple Mining Pick as it can be found everywhere in any realm. Just to clarify, this only counts if it’s an Ore and not Stone Block. You can even use diamonds! For different ores, you may need higher gear but you can just go for Tin and Quartz.


Another way to get some ingredients for Refined Pigment in Nightingale is through Foraging for berries. Not only are they quite delicious and easy to find, but they’re useful, especially for Pigment! In any realm, you can walk about outside and try to find berry bushes and harvest some berries. Although, sometimes, it’s much harder to find berry bushes due to them being far from your respite, rare spawn due to the realm card combination, and so on.

Berry Bush

Uses For Refined Pigment In Nightingale

Refined Pigment is used to create the most important part of the game. Realm Cards. Realm cards are used to jump from one realm to another using your Respite’s portal and they can also be used in a Realmic Transmuter which is a device that changes your current realm in the blink of an eye!


To sum it all up, for Refined Pigment, you can use several items and use one workstation. To create that workstation, you’ll need to use two more workstations, a Simple Table Saw and a Simple Tanning Station. Quite expensive we know but it is one of the essential ingredients in the game!

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