Nightingale Realm Cards: A system to experience an endless adventure in the Fae Realms

In this article we talk about the Nightingale Realm Cards and how they effect you in the game. In recent months, The Studio behind the upcoming shared-world survival crafting game Nightingale revealed its latest trailer at the Summer Games Fest. This trailer in particular chose a much bigger emphasis on a unique gameplay mechanic. That allows a plethora of possibilities and exploration. Nightingale Realm Cards. A system that provides the player with immense replay-ability in this beautiful upcoming Gaslamp fantasy world.

Nightingale Realm Cards

Nightingale Realm Cards is a system that offers a level of variability and exploration potential within Fae that differs from a standard Survival experience. The Realm Card system produces a procedural generation within an intentionally designed world. This offers you a way to not only discover everything Nightingale has to offer. But to have agency and player choice over how you explore and experiment.

Realm cards
Select various modifiers for a truly unique world – with some common rules.

Essentially, the system serves two key purposes:

  • Cards are the key that unlocks access to brand new types of realms. Each with environments, creatures, and discoveries to be explored.
  • Using Nightingale Realm Cards lets you apply agency and choice over what kind of realm you’re going to open. Allowing you to connect to one that fits your current needs and desires for adventure.

Exploring the realms and finding special ingredients will allow you to learn recipes and craft new Realm Cards. Whenever you’re ready to move into a new adventure you will be able to select a limited number of cards. This combination is what will forge the next Fae Realm you head to within this large universe. Out of the many possibilities before you.

Nightingale Realm Cards: A system to experience endless adventure in the Fae Realms

Some of the Realm Cards will have a major impact on the environments you may see in your created Realm. This will correspond with the flora and fauna specific to that biome home. Certain other Realm Cards will have a more specific impact on the aspects of the realm. Such as the types of weather you will have to endure.

The weather can also cause various knock-on effects such as creature behaviour – violent or passive and so on! Depending on if there’s a stormy atmosphere, you may see different plant life thriving. As opposed to a more warm and sunny environment. Perhaps your realm will be full of dangerous creatures! Or maybe a moment of reprieve, quite possibly a haven with an abundance of resources.

It doesn’t end there either. Additionally as a player also have the chance to come across realms with scattered ruins and remnants of previous explorers. Or worlds battered by storms – plunging them into darkness, and sometimes even celestial constructs.

The previous are also the types of details you can expect to find and explore by experimenting with and learning the different impacts of each Realm Card. Inflexion wants players to think of the Nightingale Realm Cards as a gateway of discovery. But also an endless adventure within the Gaslamp universe of their upcoming game Nightingale.

Realm cards

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