How To Solve Bastille Of Intellect In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on solving the Bastille of Intellect in Nightingale realms.

bastille of intellect

Bastille Of Intellect

What Are Basttiles Of Intellect

Bastille of Intellect Puzzle Cores in Nightingale are short but sweet puzzle structures found in a player’s realm. They can be found in every realm no matter the card combination. Once solved, the Puzzle Cores will open up and reveal chests and goodies for the players to keep. You must solve the Puzzle Cores carefully to avoid a fatal mistake! On the Map, you can see that there are markers called “Bastille of Intellect“. If you visit these Bastilles, you’ll find magical structures called “Puzzle Cores”.

puzzle core

How Do You Solve These Puzzle Cores In Nightingale?

When you come across a Bastille of Intellect Puzzle Core in Nightingale, pay very close attention to the Fae Pylons that light up. There is a pattern to follow whenever these Pylons light up. Wait until the pillar lights repeat and then interact with each pillar according to the pattern you observed. Every Puzzle Core has a different pattern and sometimes, has a different amount of Fae Pylons that light up. Once done correctly, the Puzzle Core will open up and players will be able to claim their prize. Here’s a hint, the reason why they’re called “Bastille of Intellect” is because you’ll need to use your mind!


The photo above is an example of our own Puzzle Core.

puzzle core 1

Puzzle Core items can vary between Essence and other items such as blueprints or Hope in Nightingale. Hope is basically your experience points in the game! This little tid bit determines the difficulty of your run, your Deed score, and even your Estate. However, if players fail to follow the patterns correctly, the Puzzle Core will spawn a handful of enemies to attack the player. When this happens, defeat them all and retry the pattern again. Keep trying and trying again whenever you fail the Puzzle Cores in Nightingale.


After completing the Puzzle Core, collect the hope and approach the middle well where you can now take your prize.

tea set

In this Puzzle Core in Nightingale, we managed to receive the Crude Tea set!


Puzzle Cores are Simon Says mini-games. Pay attention and follow the pattern of the Fae Pylons. Try not to make a mistake but if you do, you better be sure to have your weapons prepared and your tools sharpened! You’re going to need all the firepower you can get!


Q: Are we required to open up Bastille of Intellect Puzzle Cores in Nightingale?

A: No, not really but opening them up does give players some useful blueprints as well as additional Essences.

Q: How many Puzzle Cores does one Realm have?

A: A realm can have 1-2 or even more Puzzle Cores. There are also different types of Bastilles. For example, in some realms, you may find a Bastille of Agility.

Q: How can I find my realm’s Puzzle Core?

A: The best way to find Puzzle Cores or Bastilles is to walk around your realm and look for structures. The Bastille of Intellect puzzle cores have pylons that light up.

Q: Do Puzzle Cores increase in difficulty?

A: In a way yes. Some Puzzle Cores have more Pillar lights which means the pattern is much larger than smaller Puzzle Cores. An example of this would be a Puzzle core that has a total of 7 Pillar Lights to follow which would be a little bit more difficult if you lose count.

Q: Do we get actual items instead of blueprints and hope from Puzzle Cores in Nightingale?

A: Once you’ve solved these puzzles, you only really get blueprints for various decor items and tools. Although they are very useful.

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