Creatures in Nightingale

Prepare to make your way through Faewild forests, harrowing swamps, shimmering deserts, and shadowy jungles as you unlock the portals leading deeper into the lands of Fae. Cook meals, build shelter and muster the spirit to persevere in the face of adversity. These are the Creatures in Nightingale:

As you adventure across the Realms in Nightingale you are going to come across a diverse range of Creatures.

Craft and wield a variety of melee weapons and firearms in first-person combat. Confront the fearsome creatures that lurk in the portal network. Fend off incursions by the twisted Fae mimicries of humanity known only as the Bound. Join other players against colossal apex creatures in the deepest reaches of the realms.

We’ve put together a list of Creatures you will come across in Nightingale.

Creatures in Nightingale

The Bound Minion
The Carnute (Demon Deer)
Flame spitter
Desert EotenThe Eoten
Elder Eoten
The Brippo
Desert Eoten

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