Desert Eoten Creature Feature

The Desert Eoten in Nightingale is a mostly passive creature belonging to the Eoten family, a Treant like being. Mostly known for its passive behavior some would be surprised to learn that the Desert Eoten can pack quite the punch if necessary. Today we take a closer look at the Desert Eoten and its behavior

Introducing: The Desert Eoten

The Desert Eoten


As a mostly passive creature the Desert Eoten only takes hostile action once it feels threatened so keeping your distance is advised. The Desert Eoten is one of the more skittish within the Eoten family so it will always prefer taking distance over staying engaged with a player or other creature. The Eoten family has little to no know natural predators other then humans so don’t expect to be on great terms with the Eoten off the get go.


The Desert Eoten has two main types of attacks:
Ranged: These attacks involve sending roots through the ground at the player from a distance, intended to spook the player away and keep the Eoten at a safe distance ready to run if need be. An earth quake type attack sending roots up from under the player as a warning or as a direct form of attack

Melee: Entering melee range after all other options are exhausted a Eoten will use two of its five legs to prod and poke away at the threat in front, Attacks like this are never ment as a primary attack form for the Eoten as they would prefer to stick to warnings due to their passive nature. Specifically the Desert Eoten which has a far more skittish nature compared to its forest brethren the Forest Eoten.

Desert eoten


As its name suggests the Desert Eoten lives within the desert, the Eoten are a race of Treant like beings that need little to no nourishment so they can thrive and survive in the harshest of conditions. From the forests to the deserts. Due to their passive nature they form little to no threat to Realmwalkers or other creatures that roam the desert, They require no sustenance other then water and sunlight so have no hunting capabilities what so ever. They have no natural predators other then the occasional Realmwalker looking for a trophy, Due to this they can live to be upwards of several thousands of years old.

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