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End of year message from Inflexion Games

Today we have received an End of year message from Inflexion Games – the creators of the upcoming Survival Crafting game, Nightingale. The message included wishes the community well but also explains of a short break over the holiday season.

End of year message from Inflexion Games image filler
The turbines wind down for the year.

We have a brief message from Aaryn (Inflexion Games CEO) and quick waves from some of Inflexion Game’s team members here:

Our team, myself included, will be taking a short 2 week break so we can recharge and come back fresh to fully tackle the road to early access launch.

If there are any problems that need immediate attention, please tag @Mods so an available member can assist you (this includes me! So I’ll see if you’re abusing it for non-emergencies!!!!). Otherwise you’ll see me significantly less until we return, and I will not be answering non-urgent messages until the new year.

If you celebrate during the holidays, I hope you have a lovely and safe holiday season. If you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful and healthy end to 2022. Much love from me and the whole Inflexion team.

End of year message from Inflexion Games

End of year message from Inflexion Games

Hopefully with a well rested team, Inflexion Games will power through 2023 and provide more updates for their upcoming title! And from everyone here – Happy Holidays!


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