How To Get Uncommon Tools In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on how to get Uncommon Tools in Nightingale. Here, we’ll talk about what you need from ingredients to stations.

uncommon tools in nightingale

Uncommon Tools In Nightingale

What Are The Things You Need To Get Uncommon Tools?

In Nightingale, you’ll need about 3 things. Your chosen tool/gear, T1 Essence, and an Upgrading Workbench of any Tier. What are Uncommon Tools? Uncommon tools are higher quality tools made by upgrading Simple Tools such as the Wood Axe, Mining Pick, and so on.


To get some Uncommon Tools in Nightingale, you’ll first need to have some Tools. You can craft some Makeshift or Simple Tools and turn them into something stronger with better stats and higher quality. Uncommon tools also give players the ability to mine rarer Ores and gems as their gear score and stats go up.

Upgrade Bench

Now what is an upgrade bench? The Upgrade Bench is the workstation that you will need to get Uncommon Tools in Nightingale. Listed below are the things you’ll need for this station and how you can get them.

  • x4 Lumber – crafted by processing Wood Bundles through a Simple Saw Table.
  • x2 Ingot – crafted by processing Ores (Tin Ore) through a Simple Smelter.
  • x3 Twine – crafted by processing Fiber through a Simple Spinning Wheel.
upgrade bench

As a bonus, we have included the recipes you’ll need to create the 3 workstations you’ll need to use to create the Upgrade Bench. These workstations don’t require any difficult item to be crafted so they should all be fairly easy to craft and find. If you don’t have these blueprints yet for the workstations, you can purchase the blueprints at your local Essence Trader.

T1 Essence

What is T1 Essence? T1 Essence is the most important ingredient to getting Uncommon Tools in Nightingale. There are three ways to get T1 Essence.

  • By hunting and skinning animals Prey or Predator.
  • By harvesting resources such as Stones, Ores, Weeds, and Logs.
  • By entering and completing a Fae Tower in the Antiquarian Realm
T1 Essence

Keep in mind that T1 Essences are different from the Basic Essences you get from extracting your items. T1 Essences can be found through resources in the following realms as listed below.

  • Antiquarian Realm
  • Astrolabe Realm
  • Provisioner Realm

Take a quick look at these realms and stock up on Essences for your projects.

Upgrading To Uncommon Tools

Now that you’ve prepared all the stuff you need such as your tools, workstations, and your essences, it’s time to fire up some upgrades. Get your chosen tool or clothing and interact with the Upgrade Bench. From there, take a look at the description page for the item. It should tell you how much Essence you’ll need for the upgrade. After collecting all the Essence you need, pick the tool and upgrade it.

Upgrade Bench Menu

For any tool you’ll upgrade to the Uncommon tier, you’ll have to wait about 20 seconds before the item is completed and fully upgraded. If you’re looking to get more tools upgraded in one go, we suggest stocking up on essences early and then upgrading all of your tools for your next stage in the game. You can upgrade your Tools, Weapons, as well as your clothing. Upgrading your items brings their Gear Score up which means you can now harvest more resources that require higher-graded tools and so on. After 20 seconds, you’ve got yourself a set of Uncommon Tools in Nightingale ready for use.

We hope you found this guide on Uncommon Tools in Nightingale helpful. If you enjoyed this guide check out our guide on ‘Where to Get Refined Pigment in Nightingale’. For more Nightingale content, jump to our official homepage. Join our discord server!


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