Where To Get Tin Ore In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on how to get Tin Ore in Nightingale. Tin Ore is useful for several crafting recipes for weapons, better tools, and so much more.

tin ore in nightingale

Tin Ore In Nightingale

To get started, let’s discuss what Tin Ore looks like in Nightingale. Tin Ore can be found in your respite and other realms as it is one of the most common Ores in Nightingale. These Ores can easily be spotted and here’s why!


Let’s discuss its appearance so you know exactly what you’re looking for. Before mining, Tin Ore can be spotted with its dark and almost black color. Typically, Tin Clusters are larger than normal rocks so they can easily stand out from the crowd. When mined, Tin Ore resembles a Stone Block but with Silver patterns on its surface, and of course, if you approach it, the game will say “Pick up Ore (Tin)“. To not get it mistaken with normal Stone Blocks, look at its surface! If it has its unique silver patterns, it’s Tin Ore.

Tin Ore clusters can vary from small to large clusters that yield way more Ores. Here’s another look at a large Tin Ore cluster!

larger tin ore clus

Finding Tin Ore

To find and mine Tin Ore in Nightingale, you only need to walk around your area. Tin Ore is a material that you can find even in your Respite. For example, we have pasted our respite and marked locations where you can find a bunch of Tin Ore clusters. If you have a different Respite, you can typically find Tin Ore on mountain faces or shores and close to bodies of water. Here are some photos for better reference.

shore tin ore
tin ore on mt

Example Respite Locations

Pasted below is our example of a map and respite Realm Card combination. As seen below, Tin ore in Nightingale can be found in the marked locations on the map. The land is larger and our respite hasn’t been fully scanned, so there could be way more Tin Ore! As mentioned, they can be found near bodies of water or high up on cliff sides/mountain faces. This can be seen in the marked map.

Mining Tin Ore

Before mining a sizable chunk of Tin Ore, there are some preparations to take care of. Mining Tin Ore in Nightingale requires a Simple Mining Pick.

mining pick

Simple Mining Pick Recipe

  • 1x Stone Block
  • 1x Wood Bundle
  • 2x Straps

To craft this handy tool, you will need two stations, a Simple Workbench and a Simple Tanning Station. To create the mining pick, you will need leather straps made at the Tanning Station and the Pick itself crafted at the Workbench. The remaining materials required for the pick can be foraged and found anywhere.

When it comes to mining Tin ore, there is no fixed method to do it. Since Tin Ore Clusters come in different sizes, sometimes you may need to strike the cluster multiple times to completely deplete the material and loot it. In some cases, players can strike the cluster only once and still obtain Tin Ore as a yield. Tin Ore in Nightingale, when mined, typically drops about 3 Tin Ore for small clusters and 6 pieces of Tin Ore for large clusters.

We hope this guide on Tin Ore in Nightingale helped you out! For more content like this, visit our official Nightingale Homepage or join our Discord Channel.


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