Where To Get Paper In Nightingale

Welcome to a guide on how to get Paper in Nightingale. Here, we’ll talk about what you need, how to make it, and what you can use paper on in the game! Let’s get started.

paper in nightingale

Paper In Nightingale

Paper in Nightingale is one of the most important materials. Why? Paper is used to make Realm Cards. Realm Cards are important to the game! Now, let’s discuss what you need to create Paper and what station you have to use.


To make Paper, you only need one ingredient. Wood Bundle! Wood Bundle can be farmed and taken from cutting down trees around you. Using any type of axe will do well for this ingredient.

  • x2 Wood Bundle
wood bundles

Now, let’s move on to the station that you’ll need to create paper. If you haven’t got this station yet, you can get the Saw Table station recipe from your local Essence Trader!

Simple Saw Table

Now that you have your ingredients ready to make some paper, let’s move on to the station you’ll need to have. The Saw Table. The Saw Table is a station where you process wood to turn it into other objects that can be used for other recipes such as Lumber, Paper, Polem, and Reclaimed Lumber. In this example, paper! You can create this workstation just by gathering the following items in the game.

  • x8 Wood Bundle
  • x4 Stone Block
  • x4 Animal Fiber
saw table

What You Need For The Saw Table

As a bonus, we have included the items you’ll need to create the Saw Table and just how to get them all. Refer to the list below for more information!

  • Wood Bundle – farmed by chopping trees down.
  • Stone Block – farmed by mining Stone Chunks.
  • Animal Fiber – crafted by using meat on a Tanning Station.
tanning stas

The Station that you see in the image above is the Tanning Station that you will use to process meat into Animal Fibers.

Crafting Paper In Nightingale

Once you’ve got everything you need like your Wood Bundles and your Saw Table at the ready and waiting, it’s time to create some paper! Go ahead and interact with the Saw Table. From there, select the Paper option and input your Wood Bundles. Click “Craft” and then wait about 3 seconds.

  • x2 Wood Bundle = x12 Paper (3 seconds crafting time).
paper racipe

Uses For Paper In Nightingale

In Nightingale, you will need paper to create one of the most important aspects of the whole game. You will need to use paper to create Realm Cards! Realm Cards give you access to different realms with different creatures, seasons, and more. It’s your number one ticket for travel around the realms of the world!

paper usage


Q: How many Realm Cards can I make with the paper I get?

A: Since x2 Wood Bundles already yield about x12 Paper in Nightingale, you can already make about 12 Realm Cards as they only require x1 paper to craft as well as other ingredients such as Ink. This can be done by using the Enchanter’s Focus workstation.

Q: Is there another way to get some paper in Nightingale?

A: Yes, however, this is only by slim chance. You can get paper elsewhere by walking around and spotting one at ruin sites all over the game but there is a chance you’ll find something different. You just have to be lucky to be finding paper out in the woods. It’s just best to craft it.

Q: Why is paper so important to the game?

A: As mentioned before, paper is important as it is an essential ingredient in creating realm cards. You use realm cards to travel from realm to realm throughout your story.

Q: What kinds of Realm Cards can I make?

A: You can make a lot of realm cards!

  • Abeyance Card
  • Forest Card
  • Swamp Card
  • Desert Card
  • Cleansing Card
  • Antiquarian Card

And so much more as you progress into the game and discover more card recipes. You can create them using the Enchanter’s Focus workstation.

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