The Bound Minion Creature Feature

The Bound minion, a foot soldier for The Bound faction. They may be weak but they know no limits, swarming lone Realmwalkers with melee range attacks in order to overwhelm players. A foot soldier for one of the many hostile creature faction within Nightingale.

The Bound Minion

The Bound Minion


Hostile creature part of The Bound faction found all over the realms, with little to no regard for its own life it will charge at any and all Realmwalkers in an almost manic state. Steer clear if you can, if not make sure to keep your distance when engaging.

The Bound Minion


While being the weakest of The Bound the minion still packs quite the punch with close range melee attacks and an swarming hive brain mentality. If or when you find yourself fighting these abominations make sure to keep your distance and attempt to use ranged attacks while you still can. The Bound Minions are known for their impressive food speed running in an almost constant state of frenzy.


Presumed to be all over the realms attacking players at random or if aggro’ed. Largely hostile creatures with the soul purpose of mocking humanity and hunting Realmwalkers.

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