Map in Pax Dei

The name of the area we will be playing in is called Gallia. Gallia is the World of Pax Dei. Gallia is made up of 5 provinces (maps). The 4 provinces(Ancien, Merrie, Kerys, Innis Gallia) were blessed with the protection of the divine where you can craft and build your base, while the Province of Lyonesse didn’t receive any.

The map above is a province with multiple Heartlands (safe zones) and the one in the middle part is the PVP zone where you can fight and loot other players. There will be gates connecting all the provinces. each province has a gate connecting to the Lyonesse.

The area of a province (map) is around 100 km2.


  • Ancien
  • Merrie
  • Lyonesse
  • Kerys
  • Innis Gallia

Over World

“The world of Pax Dei is split into four main regions, plus four in-between regions. The four main regions are Gallia, Gothia, Iberia, and Anatolia. For the release, we are focusing on building a part of Gallia, whose terrain and atmosphere are mainly inspired by the southwest of France (with an enchanted twist).

A province is a large section of a region. We will have different types of provinces, but the heartland provinces are the most important (and biggest) ones. A different kind of province is what we currently call the contested provinces – which, as you can guess, are related to PvP.

A heartland province contains several home valleys (6 in the example below). And a home valley is a blessed land where players can place their plots and build villages.”

“A sketch of the map used for the Friend & Family Alpha is attached to this post. It contains one heartland province, and the named red zones ‘Maremna, Gravas, Tursan…’ are the home valleys. In the game, this province is a square of 10 km per side, but the playable area is ‘only’ around 70km² (27mi²). We aim to have at least two (ideally three) heartland provinces by the time we let people in.”

“We aim for at least two (or three) heartland provinces (plus some dungeons and another type of province we are not ready to talk about) for when we’ll open the doors to our world. Overall, that would give you a playground of approximately 150 km2 (58 mi2).”


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