PVP Zone in Pax Dei: Maps and Where to Find

Mainframe, the Developers of Pax Dei, recently published an article which mentioned an upcoming alpha test, that introduces a Player vs Player zone which is filled with lots of rich resources in the province of Lyonesse.

Where to find PVP Zone

The province of Lyonesse is where the protection of the divine doesn’t extend, making it impossible to build a home/base in this province. In the recent article that Mainframe posted, the province of Lyonesse is a highly contested PVP zone containing the highest density of the pure iron nodes in the game world.

How To Enter the PVP Zone

To enter the PVP zone, every province in Pax dei has a gate. This gate leads to other provinces. There are 4 provinces/maps (Anciem, Merrie, Kerys, and Gallia) that you can start with, after you’ve created a character, excluding the PVP zone Lyonesse. Each province/map is connected to 3 provinces, which you can see below.

The image above shows all the provinces and maps in Pax Dei. Knowing your Province/map will help you locate the correct gate that is needed to enter the Province of Lyonesse.

Note: Going into the other gates leads to other provinces.

Entering the PVP zone is very simple. Go to the gate that is designated to the Lyoness province. As you go through the gate, the game will load you into the new map/zone. Once you enter through the gates, do not panic. You will not be able to be attacked immediately. You will notice on the top right side it shows a pair of swords. When these swords are the color red. You are now in PVP, which means if you defeat an opponent or get killed, you will lose all items and respawn at the gate naked. 

This area is designed for a high risk and high reward situation. You enter knowing that you might be attacked from other players. In this zone, you can find high-value resources such as Pure Iron Ore. These resources can also be found in the maps but they are extremely rare to find unlike the PVP zone which contains lots of it.

Once you return back to the gate, you will notice a timer around the sword’s symbol (around 10 seconds). When that timer is up, you will now be safe from PVP combat and the swords will be a white color again.

We recommend bringing a few friends with you as back up, so you can have defense if needed.

We hope this article may help as you continue to venture into the world of Pax Dei. To be more updated in pax dei why not visit our homepage for more content like this and join our Discord to connect with other gamers like you and communicate with them in many games.


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