Enshrouded: The New Vanity System

The Transmog / Vanity System

Ever played a game where you loved the stats/bonuses of your armor but couldn’t stand how it looked? Enter Enshrouded’s vanity system. This game-changing feature puts you at the forefront in mixing and matching your favorite looks and best stats so that you will never have to choose between form and function again.

Understanding the Vanity System

This system allows you to change the appearance/looks of your gear/armor without affecting its stats. This means you can equip your most powerful armor but make it look like a different set you find more visually appealing.

Difference Between Vanity Gear and Effective Gear

Vanity gear is purely there for looks; it doesn’t do anything to your character’s abilities or stats. Effective gear gives you the stats and abilities you need to play but isn’t always very stylish in look. The vanity system helps bridge this gap, allowing you the best of both worlds in one go.

Benefits of Using the Vanity System

The primary benefit is aesthetic freedom. You’re no longer bound to the look of the best gear available. This will also help in the “Explore and Collect” portion because players would want to collect the most aesthetic-looking gear for their style.

Hiding Gloves and Helmets

This is also a very great feature regarding the vanity system: concealing gloves and helmets. At times, even a complete armor set does not correspond to the personality of your character, or you simply want to conspicuously show the face and hands of your character. This is how you do it:

Open Character Tab: Navigate to the Character Tab menu and press “Customize Appearance” at the bottom of your Character.

Select Gloves/Helmets: Choose the gloves or helmet you want to hide then Toggle the hide feature.

Obtaining Vanity Cosmetics

You will find vanity cosmetics in Enshrouded through a number of quests and interactions. The greatest or most important NPC you are to encounter is Valory the Bard. She will be your means or avenue into the world of vanity items. If rescued and kept somewhere in your base, you can interact with her to craft the very first set of Vanity Cosmetics. Valory gives you quests leading to more Vanity Cosmetics in the world.

First Set of Vanity Cosmetics

To get started with vanity cosmetics, you need to rescue/save Valory the Bard. Once she’s safe in your base, interact with her to craft your first set of vanity gear. This is your initiation into the world of aesthetic customization.

Finding Cosmetic Items Quest

Valory offers a quest called “Finding Cosmetic Items” (Which can be unlocked only after you complete her previous quest called “Eternally Piercing” – Interact with her and mention “Magic Arrows” to start the “Eternally Piercing” quest). This quest is your ticket to more vanity gear. Here’s what to do/follow:

  1. Activate the Quest: Talk to Valory and choose the “Finding Cosmetic Items” quest.
  2. Follow the Clues: Use the quest markers on your map to locate the hidden vanity items.
  3. Complete the Quest: Collect the items and pursuit the next task/quest that gives Cosmetic Items.

Second Set of Vanity Cosmetics: Noble Set

The second set of Cosmetics, known as the Noble Set, is located in Woodgard, just west of the Ancient Spire – Springlands.

This set is hidden underground in a church-like structure, guarded by skeleton enemies.

In the underground area, you first need to open the chest located in the end-part of the underground area (marked by red circle in the image below) to open the gates in the left (pointed by an arrow in the image below).

The left part of the underground area is where you’ll obtain the Noble Set, be careful though as it is guarded by skeletons and is covered in shroud.

Third Set of Vanity Cosmetics: Royal Set

The Royal Set is the third set of vanity cosmetics and can be found in Pike (Start from the Ancient Spire – Revelwood to quickly reach the area). To obtain this set, you need to defeat the Fell Wispwyvern, loot the key from its body, and unlock the door it guards.

Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern

This ain’t no easy battle, gear up with the best equipment/tools and strategies at your disposal as you take down that Fell Wispwyvern.

The Royal Set Location

Once defeated, loot the key and proceed to the locked door.

Behind the locked door, you’ll find a stairs at the right part of the building, go up a little bit and open the first door you’ll see and exit the building.

Go up here (use the image below as reference) by using your grappling hook.

Climb up here (use the image below as reference) in the Metal mesh and enter the door on the left (pointed by the arrow).

Mine/Destroy this part covered in mycelium with a pickaxe, go straight and then you’ll see a golden chest where you can obtain the Royal Set. Be careful though as it is covered with shroud.

This prestigious cosmetic armor will give your character a regal look, perfect for standing out in the world of Enshrouded.

Effective Armors as Cosmetic

Crafting your own armor can also provide vanity options. However, these crafted armors, if used for cosmetics, won’t carry any stats—they’re purely for looks. While crafting allows for more personalized aesthetics, remember that these items are purely cosmetic if used in the vanity system.

They won’t provide any combat advantages. (Note: The image below shows the same piece of armor placed in Cosmetics and in Effective Gear)

Enhancing Game Aesthetics

The vanity system greatly enhances the game’s aesthetics by providing an outlet for a player’s unique sense of style. It opens up the visuals and makes every player’s character a little bit personal. Looking exactly how you want without derogation to stats is a very immersive and META gaming experience. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the vanity system in Enshrouded?
Modifying this allows the flameborns to make great use of the transmogging/vanity system by changing the look of their gears without tinkering with the stats on it, thereby fusing style with functionality.

How do I hide my gloves and helmets?
Navigate to the vanity settings, select the gloves or helmet, and toggle the hide option.

Who is Valory the Bard?
Valory the Bard is an NPC who provides quests and helps players craft their first set of vanity cosmetics after being rescued.

Where can I find the Noble Set?
The Noble Set is located in WoodGuard, west of the Ancient Spire in Springlands, hidden in an underground church-like structure.

Well, Enshrouded‘s vanity system definitely lets you look your best while keeping your damage output very combat-effective. Just adding that extra layer of fun into the game experience, it urges one to go out and experiment, in a word, find oneself. Escape in the world of Enshrouded, track down Valory, complete quests, and unlock the full potential of your character’s appearance.


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