Where to Find Fell Wispwyvern Head in Enshrouded

The Fell Wispwyvern Head

Step into the enchanting world of Enshrouded, where each corner holds a promise of adventure and revelation. Within this guide, we embark on a journey to uncover the enigmatic Fell Wispwyvern head, an indispensable element for progress within the game’s intricate narrative. Accompany us as we navigate through the mysteries veiled within the Pike region, confronting the formidable boss to seize the ultimate prize that awaits.

The Fell Wispwyvern Head

Navigating the Path to the Pike

Embarking on your journey to find the Fell Wispwyvern head requires traversing the treacherous Pike area, nestled in the northeastern part of the map. To access Pike, undertake the quest “Reach the Capital, Pikemead’s Reach” offered by the Blacksmith. Follow their guidance meticulously to pinpoint the Pike on your map.

Navigating the Path to the Pike

Unlocking the Ancient Spire – Revelwood

To begin your journey, venture towards Revelwood. The quickest route to the Pike involves unlocking the Ancient Spire – Revelwood. Glide your way from this vantage point towards the Pike’s Port, but be prepared for a long walk as you won’t reach the destination solely by flight.

Unlocking the Ancient Spire - Revelwood

Conquering the Western Walls

Upon reaching Pike’s Port, brace yourself for the ascent along the western walls. Note that you need double jump as this will make your journey as easy as possible in the area and in the walls. Find the area with the ladder and grappling hook pull anchor.

Conquering the Western Walls

The MAP BELOW marks the location of the IMAGE ABOVE. This is where you start your journey towards the Pike:

Conquering the Western Walls - Starting Point

Images below show the step-by-step process towards the Pike:

Step 1: Utilize the grappling hook anchored at the starting point to ascend the wall effortlessly. Alternatively, opt for the convenience of ascending via the ladder for a more straightforward approach.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 1

Step 2: Go forward, just below the big wheel crane.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 2

Step 3: Jump to the big pots and utilize the grappling hook pull anchor shown below to avoid the Fell enemies.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 3

Step 4: Just follow the pathway of the walls towards the marked location.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 4

Step 5: Jump down and go to the corner end of the wall just below the Imperial Gardens.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 5

Step 6: After reaching the corner end of the wall, jump up towards the marked location.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 6

Step 7: Carefully go to the crack of the wall, you might not want to fall into the red lava-looking shroud.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 7

Step 8: Go above the crack and jump toward the marked location.

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 8

Step 9: Go to the center. Congrats, you’ve reached the Imperial Gardens!

Conquering the Western Walls - Step 9

Avoiding Fell Enemies

Opt for a path along the western wall to evade unnecessary skirmishes with Fell enemies. This strategic route minimizes confrontations, guaranteeing a smoother journey towards your objective.

Avoiding Fell Enemies

Gateway to the Imperial Gardens

As you traverse, you’ll eventually encounter the imperial gardens. Approach the imposing iron door, closed to the uninitiated. Seek out the grappling hook pull anchor nearby, nestled to the left of the entrance, to access a hidden passage.

Gateway to the Imperial Gardens

Descending into the Colosseum

After utilizing the grappling hook pull anchor, ascend to the small door with stairs, leading you to the heart of the Colosseum.

Descending into the Colosseum 1

As you go down into the arena, ready yourself for a showdown with the Fell Wispewyvern boss.

Descending into the Colosseum 2

Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern Boss in Enshrouded

Engaging the Fell Wispwyvern boss demands a tactical finesse to outmaneuver its relentless attacksand triumph in the face of adversity. Dive into these essential strategies, important for navigating this intense confrontation:

Stationary: Position yourself strategically when the boss remains stationary to recharge its power. Utilize this opportunity to unleash a barrage of offensive attacks and aim for additional damage from behind. Be aware as he will spawn fell enemies to protect himself.

Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern Boss - Stationary

Head Up: Stay alert as the Wispwyvern raises its head, signaling the unleashing of area-of-effect (AOE) damage circles beneath you. Rotate swiftly and dodge to avoid these lethal attacks, as engaging in offensive maneuvers might impede your movement, increasing vulnerability to damage.

Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern Boss - Head Up

Blast: Prepare for the Fell Wispwyvern’s lock-on mechanism, charging a potent blue flame blast from its mouth. Evade this perilous assault by swiftly maneuvering from side to side and executing a timely dodge to escape the brunt of the blast.

Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern Boss - Blast

Jump: Maintain awareness of the Wispwyvern’s long-range assault, characterized by a sudden crouch followed by a powerful leap toward you. Evade swiftly at the last possible moment to dodge this perilous attack and maintain your advantage in the battle.

Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern Boss - Jump

Mastering these maneuvers and timing your attacks and dodges effectively will lead to the defeat of the Fell Wispwyvern boss and secure the prized Fell Wispwyvern head.

Rewards after Defeating The Fell Wispwyvern

The Commander’s Ring

The Legendary Commander’s Ring, a prized ring renowned for its unparalleled attributes. Enhance your build with a significant boost to health and mana, essential for conquering Enshrouded’s challenges.

The Commander’s Ring

The Fell Wispwyvern Head

Unlock the potential of your Flame Altar by acquiring the Fell Wispwyvern head. Elevate your gameplay by strengthening your Flame to level 4, unlocking the expansive Nomad Highlands, and paving the way for further exploration in the shroud.

The Fell Wispwyvern Head

The Key to the “The Pike”

Upon defeating the Fell Wispwyvern, adventurers are also rewarded with a valuable Pike Key. This key holds the power to unlock all doors within the Pike, opening the path to hidden chambers brimming with treasures. Among the coveted loot awaiting discovery is the Guard of the North Helmet, an exceptional find especially prized by Barbarian builds for its remarkable attributes.

The Key to the "The Pike"

Other Use of The Fell Wispwyvern Head

The Fell Wispwyvern Head can also serve as a decorative element in your base, by interacting with the Hunter, you can turn it into wall decorations as trophies showcasing your achievements. These trophies not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings but also provide a functional benefit. They extend the duration of the “Rested” Buff, thanks to their +2 Comfort rating. Each point of Comfort translates to an additional minute of the “Rested” Buff, which in turn boosts your Maximum Stamina and Regeneration rates.

Other Use of The Fell Wispwyvern Head

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I access the Pike region?
The Pike region can be discovered by undertaking the quest “Reach the Capital, Pikemead’s Reach” offered by the Blacksmith.

Can the Commander’s Ring be upgraded?
NO, the Commander’s Ring cannot be upgraded by any means. But you can farm the Fell Wispwyvern boss to obtain a lot of Commander’s Ring.

Are there alternative routes to reach the Pike?
While the described path is the most efficient, resourceful players may discover alternative routes through experimentation and exploration, placing a Flame Altar near the Pike is also an option to easily access the area.

Is it possible to access the Nomad Highlands without the Fell Wispwyvern head?
No, you cannot reach/access some of the areas in the Nomad Highlands without reaching level 4 of Flame Strength in the Flame Altar. The Flame Altar requires Fell Wispwyvern head as an ingredient for upgrading.

How should I prepare for the battle with the Fell Wispwyvern boss?
Prepare a lot of potions, augment your equipment, and memorize the boss mechanics to maximize your chances of success.

Can I defeat the Fell Wispwyvern boss solo?
While challenging, defeating the Fell Wispwyvern boss solo is possible with strategic planning, effective dodging, and precise timing of attacks.

What rewards can I expect from defeating the Fell Wispwyvern boss?
Defeating the Fell Wispwyvern boss rewards you with the Fell Wispwyvern head, necessary for progression, and the Legendary Commander’s Ring which gives an incredible stat boost to the player.

Venture forth on your grand odyssey to locate the elusive Fell Wispwyvern cranium within the depths of Enshrouded, delving deep into the Pike expanse and confronting the imposing overseer. Through adept mastery of combat intricacies and implementation of strategic tactics, triumph shall be yours as you seize the coveted bounty. Unleash your prowess and overcome the myriad trials that lie in wait within the realm of Enshrouded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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