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Where is the Bridge Construction Quest Chest in Enshrouded?

During the early adventures of Enshrouded, you’ll meet a Carpenter with a quest available for you to take. You are tasked with the objective of searching the Braelyn Bridge pillars for a treasure chest that the Carpenter himself left behind.

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How to find the Bridge Construction Quest Chest

Locating the Bridge Construction Quest chest at first can be quite awkward. The only real tip we’re given is that it is supposedly within the middle pillar of the bridge. Let’s head over to the bridge to investigate.

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Immediately the first thing that is seen is a pillar upwards to the left and right of the bridge. However, this is a trick. The treasure is actually below in the foundation pillars! As a result, head down safely with your glider into the area below the bridge.

construction bridge quest far image

Technically, there are two central pillars between the bridge. However, the treasure chest can be located on the central pillar closest to your first Flame Alter. (in the picture above, the left central pillar). Once you’re at the pillar below, you’ll notice it is covered by dirt and rocks. Use a pickaxe to clear the way and find the chest!

construction bridge quest chest location

When you finish this quest, there is a chance to gain some loot. When we looted the chest we got an Epic Guillotine.

bridge construction quest chest reward

If you need a video guide, below is one that should help you out.

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