Complete Guide to Enshrouded

Complete Guide to Enshrouded

Updated 27/01/2024

Here is a Complete Guide to Enshrouded that players need to know before the full launch.

What is Enshrouded?

Start of Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a cooperative action role-playing game or ARPG, which can be played with up to 16 players. You will get the opportunity to play as the Flameborn in this game, the final member of a long-dead civilization in the Embervale world. Eliminating the Shroud, an expanding scourge that consumes and mutates every life it faces is the aim of this game.

What are the Features of Enshrouded?

Arcane Power

There are many features that you can enjoy if you play this game. Those will be like active combat; gathering materials and hunting foods; building and crafting; skills customization in order for your Flameborn character to be strong; and facing off enemies and bosses, just for you to survive in an open world setting.

KInd of Monster

The main focus of this game is by fighting the Shroud. There are many varieties of monsters you can find while exploring the realm of Embervale. There is also a talent you can upgrade depending on what aspects of combat do you want like melee, range, or magic. As of now, during the early access of the game, there are only a limited number of weapons you can try like sword, shield, bow, wand, and staff.

Building a Tower

The entire environment of this game is destructible and editable. So the players will have the freedom to do what they wanted to do about the environment, which is interesting since it can test the creativity of the players.

What Kind of Gameplay Does Enshrouded Have?

As of now, there is only limited combat gameplay shown in the trailer, and here are some of them:


As you journey through the Shroud you will find yourself coming across NPC’s that are called Craftspeople. These guys will be able to aid you in your journey by helping you craft unique items and workbenches to enhance you home, weapons and armor!

The Hunter

We’ve put together a helpful Guide on where to find The Hunter.

The Blacksmith

We’ve put together a helpful Guide on where to find The Blacksmith.

The Alchemist

We’ve put together a helpful Guide on where to find The Alchemist.

The Carpenter

We’ve put together a helpful Guide on where to find The Carpenter.

Carpenter  Enshrouded

The Farmer

We’ve put together a helpful Guide on where to find The Farmer.

Farmer  Enshrouded

Grappling Hook

A grappling hook can be used to zip the players up to a higher place, making it easier for them to climb up some places. There are different levels of grappling hooks in Enshrouded as you progress your levels in the game!

Destructible Terrain

Destructible Terrain

By being able to destroy the surroundings, players can do anything that they want in an open-world game. This will be like a strategy that players can use when exploring the world. People are even building Hobbit-like homes as you can dig into the hills and build caves for your home!


Gliders in Enshrouded

Gliding is a technique that allows players to glide graciously while falling! Gliding can also be used when it comes to approaching an enemy in battle. It becomes one of the key elements of the game, typically you find yourself spawning in the Ancient Spires and gliding towards your next objective!

Click here to learn how to get the top Legendary Glider in Enshrouded.

Skill Tree

There are two kinds of abilities in the skill tree. First is the active ability composed of double jump, sneak attack, and blink etc. The second is a passive ability composed of backstab, elf, zap, unity, life burst, and many more. These abilities can be triggered depending on their effect. Players will have the freedom to choose whatever abilities they want to upgrade, and it will result in having a variety of builds of the characters.

Who is the Publisher of Enshrouded?

Keen Games Logo

Enshrouded is developed and published by Keen Games, which also developed a popular game called Portal Knights. Keen Games is a game studio that develops modern and creative sandbox games.

Is Enshrouded Free to Play?

The developers stated that they want to offer a game worthy of a person’s time and money that will bring fun to the players for years to come. The game is not free to play, but as of updating this article, the game is in Early Access at £22.49. This price will change depending on your region.

What Genre is Enshrouded?

Hidden Treasures in a Dungeon

The genres of Enshrouded are adventure and action role-playing games. It does have an element of Survival with the idea that you can eat and drink as well as create bases, however, it doesn’t cross over into the traditional Survival game mode.

What Type of Platforms support Enshrouded?

As of now, Enshrouded will only be available on the PC, at Steam which is only on early access now. But Keen Games said that later on the game will be available on other platforms like Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X.

Is Enshrouded a Multiplayer Game?

Enshrouded will be an open-world multiplayer game that can be played by up to 16 players co-op!

When Will Enshrouded be Available to Play?

Screenshot in Enshrouded

Enshrouded is now in Early Access and you can purchase it on Steam.

Are There Any Available Trailers of Enshrouded?

Here are the developers Trailers of Enshrouded. You can watch those videos below.

This complete guide to Enshrouded was published before the launch to keep everyone up to date as we were eagerly awaiting for its release. Now its in early access, we have published a lot of helpful Guides which you will be able to find along the menu at the top or via our Enshrouded homepage!


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