Enshrouded Quests

Enshrouded is an extremely fun game with many mechanics and hurdles to keep you gaming for hundreds of hours with so many quests. Sometimes though, you may get stuck and want a little helping hand. This is where we come in, we’ve already spent hundreds of hours working through Enshrouded to bring you that helping hand you may need!

Below is a list of Quests In Alphabetical Order that are in Enshrouded:

Enshrouded Quest Guides

  • A Black Cauldron For The Alchemist
  • A Story of Rot
  • A Graceful Flight
  • A Rumble in the Catacombs
  • A Time for Harvest
  • A Crucial Investigation
  • A Test of Skill
  • Among the Bluejays – Read More
  • Alchemists Mortar – Read More
  • Almanac of Plants and Seedlings For The Farmer – Read More
  • An Eternal Spell
  • Beehive Smoker – Read More
  • Bridge Construction Report – Read More
  • Carpentry Assistance – Read More
  • Caravan Raid
  • Captured by Lupa – Read More
  • Claim a Spot for Your Base – Read More
  • Clear The Elixir Well – Read More
  • Crucible Needed For A Smelter
  • Diadwyn And Its Building Blocks
  • Emily Fray’s Tavern
  • Find The Sleeping Survivor – Read More
  • Finding Masonry Tools
  • Fireplace For The Farmer
  • Flame Alter and Base Improvements
  • Fortified
  • Forge A Weapon
  • Glider – Read More
  • Gormander’s Imperial Gardens
  • Hunter Becomes the Hunted – Read More
  • Hearts of Iron – Read More
  • In Need of a Tanning Station
  • Loom for the Hunter
  • Lost in the Shroud
  • Mixed Stones
  • Nursery Supplies – Read More
  • Obelisk Research
  • One Last Journey
  • Oswald Anders’ Chest – Read More
  • Playing Pranks
  • Powerful Alchemy – Read More
  • Reclaim The Wilderness – Read More
  • Reach The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach
  • Ruined Netherton
  • Salt Mine Location
  • Salvage and Enhance
  • Searching for Hidden Tombs
  • Seed of Suspicion – Read More
  • Scientific Instruments For A Laboratory
  • Staffs and Spells
  • Story of Fire – Read More
  • Sun Temple Stories
  • Table Saw For The Carpenter
  • The Ancient Spires
  • The Alchemist’s Mortar – Read More
  • The Alchemist’s Rumors
  • The Hunter’s Hand Spindle – Read More
  • The Blacksmith’s Request
  • The Greatest Game
  • The Queen’s Tomb – Read More
  • The Oasis
  • Vukah Ceremony – Read More
  • Vukah Encounter – Read More
  • Well Blocks

Please note that this list is still under construction and we will be working on these as we progress through the game!


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