Vukah Ceremony Quest Guide

It’s time to slay a Vukah Champion! The Vukah have created a champion at their camp and it’s your job to defeat him! They are holding a Ceremony and you are tasked to raid the Ceremony!

Locating the Vukah Ceremony

The Ceremony is being held at the South Centre side of the map. To get started, open up your Journal and select the Vukah Ceremony and “Show on Map”. This will help you get started on where you need to be generally heading.

We started on the Ancient Spire nearby and began our Journey to the Vukah Ceremony.

Once you arrive at the Ceremony you will find the Vukah Brawler in the middle surrounded by smaller Vukah ads, they look like mages.

Defeating the Vukah Brawler

A good idea before you head to a big fight is to make sure you have:

  • 4 Types of Food & Drink
  • Health Pots
  • Mana Pots

The fight will begin quickly as soon as you disturb the Vukah Ceremony so be prepared for battle. We suggest you get started by taking out the smaller Vukah ads and then moving on to the Champion!

Fire damage is effective vs the Vukah Champion so we advise you to use the staff if possible.

He has a few attacks to be careful of, mainly the huge leap that he does across the arena! He also does a big stomp so if you are fighting in melee range watch out for that one. Finally, he has a shout-type ability that shoots out in a cone in front of him, ideally have the mobility blink skill ready as it will help massively during the fight vs the Champion!

Once you are done, collect the Vukah Brawler Champion Head and any other loot in the arena and that concludes the Vukah Ceremony Quest Guide! If you found this helpful, check out our Enshrouded Homepage. You can join our Community Discord as well to keep up-to-date with everything Enshrouded!


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