Where to Get Bonemeal in Enshrouded

Bonemeal in Enshrouded is a resource that you require early in the game. It is used to make some clothing items as well as Farm Soil which is used to make the Seedbed. To craft it, you will require a Grinding Stone.

Grinding Stone Mats

The Grinding Stone requires the following:

  • 10x Flintstone
  • 15x Stone

Once you have the following materials, go to the Alchemist and craft the Grinding Stone. Once you have crafted it, place it in your base to begin using it.

Grinding Stone Placed

Crafting Bonemeal

Now you are ready to make your Bonemeal! Get all the Bones you have and put it in the Grinding Stone.

Bonemeal Recipe

Congratulations! You now are able to graft Farm Soil and make your Seedbeds!

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