Where To Find Shroud Wood In Enshrouded

Shroud Wood is a crucial resource in Enshrouded but finding it can be quite a hassle, find out how and where to farm it so you can start your journey in Enshrouded.

Shroud Wood

Shroud Wood

The wood of Shroud infested trees. its structure and properties are changed forever. Shroud wood is paramount in crafting magical items such as the Spiritual Cane and other magic related items. It can also be used as a building block in order to decorate your base.

You’ll also need this to create your new Glider.

Finding Shroud Wood

As the name suggests Shroud Wood can be exclusively be found in the shroud. Any trees in the shroud drop the precious wood. Making sure you keep an eye on how long you spend time in the shroud is important, making sure you don’t become Enshrouded and start taking damage. Keep an eye on the Enshrouded timer in the top of your screen. to avoid this happening and make sure to retreat out of the shroud if your timer starts to get low.

Shroud Wood Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find Shroud Wood?
In the Shroud, the blue-ish areas on the map.

Do I need any special items to harvest the wood?
You will need an axe to harvest the trees.

What does the timer mean?
The Enshrouded timer displays how long you can still stay in the shroud before you start taking damage and ultimately die.

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