Where To Find The Scavenger Matron Head In Enshrouded

The Scavenger Matron Head. An item many players are to find as they travel through the world of the recently released game, Enshrouded. Stay tuned to find the Matron Head through our complete step-by-step guide!

scavenger matron head mission enshrouded

What Is The Scavenger Matron Head?

The Scavenger Matron Head is a trophy item players can obtain in Enshrouded by defeating the boss of a small camp called the Hill of Scavengers. This boss is known as the Scavengers Gorger Matron.

matron head item

Defeating this mini-boss is no easy task! To get started, you must first locate the Hill of Scavengers.

Locating The Hill Of Scavengers

Travel To The Ancient Spire and head Northeast

To begin, you must travel to the Ancient Spire located in the Springlands. It is easier to travel from the Spire going forward. From there, you must then travel Northeast. Using your glider helps a great deal to cut some time.

location 1
gliding northeast

Fly Over The Shrouded Areas

From the top of the Ancient Spire, you will see that there are a handful of Shrouded areas. Avoid these and fly above them using your glider. From there, land down carefully and you should be able to easily find the Hill of Scavengers.

Scavenger Matron Head – To Battle!

As soon as you locate the Hill of Scavengers, right off the bat, you will see a bunch of enemies ready for you to battle. Clear them out carefully then, your next challenger will arise! It is important to note that it is advised to fight as a group, however, fighting solo is also possible.


Scavenger Matron Head Boss – Scavenger Gorger Matron

After clearing out the smaller enemies in the area, it’s time for you to take on the Scavenger Gorger Matron. The main enemy for the Hill of Scavengers.

Scavenger Gorger Matron

Scavenger Matron Head – Boss Battle


Defeating the Matron with lower-grade equipment is possible, however, it will be difficult. To effectively defeat this boss, it is suggested to carry explosives and a lot of health potions and bandages! Keeping your distance from this monstrous being is the best way to bring it down. Using magic, bombs, or just normal Bows and Arrows will do great as this boss mainly focuses on ranged poison attacks. Dodge them quickly and you won’t be damaged.

Fair warning! Facing this boss head-on with close combat items isn’t so ideal! If you or your team gets hit and dies from the Matron’s attacks, it is best to lure the boss away to give time to revive your teammates and try again.


As mentioned before, this boss mainly focuses on ranged poison attacks that when hit, could deal some damage and infect players with a poison effect. If so, run away and hide for a while until the poison effect wears off.

poison efct
poison efct 2

Poison Belch

As part of her move set, the Matron spits out poison liquid in a large area. Getting caught by this attack in a narrow space could lead to huge damage or even death! Keep moving and anticipate her every move.

poison spit

Helpful Tip To Get Closer To The Scavenger Matron Head

To help you or your teammates, run around the camp and open any chest you find. They may contain helpful items to assist you in battle such as potions, weapons, or even bombs! From there, use these items and remember to dodge and keep fighting!

helpful chest

Defeating The Matron

After defeating the Matron, you may now collect your rewards!

  • Improved Grappling Hook recipe
  • Metal Scraps x6
  • Hunter’s Bow
  • Scavenger Gorger Matron Head

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Defeating any boss is a large achievement to obtain! Defeating it alone? Even more so. In a group or solo, this boss can be defeated and the trophy of her head will be yours! Just remember to keep your distance, and prepare your weapons, shield, and bombs! Keep a steady mind and don’t rush into the attacks.

We hope this article on how to get the Scavenger Matron Head helped you a great deal in your adventure in Enshrouded. For more awesome stuff like this, join our official Discord Channel. Stop by and say hi! Check out our official Enshrouded homepage for more guides, news, and other content.


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