Where To Find Animal Fur

Animal Fur is an important crafting resource. Obtainable from wildlife in Enshrouded, Animal Fur needs to be obtained in order to craft your Glider so you can take to the skies as quickly as possible and continue your adventures in Enshrouded.

Animal Fur animals

Animal Fur

Animal Fur

Warm in the winter, comfortable in the summer. A versatile resource that is very common and can be used for many things.

Animal Fur can be used to create the Glider allowing players to take to the skies and have an easier time traversing the treacherous lands of Enshrouded.

Where To Find Animal Fur

Animal Fur can be looted from dead animals like sheep or rabbits, these animals can be found around in the open world of Enshrouded. Hunting these animals can be a little tricky since they will run away scared as soon as the player comes in close for the kill. We recommend taking either a ranged weapon with your or attempting to sneak up to them in order to secure yourself a kill. Animals can drop 2-5 Fur per kill.

Animal Fur Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find animals?
Passive animals can be found all across the world of enshrouded including the start area

Do I need any special items to collect the Fur?
No, although we recommend a ranged weapon for easier farming

What do I need Fur for?
Fur is required to craft the Glider in Enshrouded

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