Enshrouded: Unlocking The New Survivor – Bard

Unlocking the New Survivor – Bard

In the new update/patch of Enshrouded, unlocking new survivor, Valory the Bard is crucial for enhancing your gameplay. This guide will walk you through every step needed to save/rescue Valory the Bard, starting from unlocking the Ancient Spire – Blackmire to integrating Valory into your base.

Where to Start?

Before saving/rescuing Valory, your first task is to unlock the Ancient Spire – Blackmire. This point of interest will serve as your fast travel point, allowing you to easily/quickly reach various locations, including the Sunken Ancient City.

Navigating to the Sunken Ancient City in Enshrouded

Once you have unlocked the Ancient Spire, your next destination is the Sunken Ancient City. This mysterious and submerged city is filled with black tar, posing a significant hazard. One wrong step can lead you to drowning in the tar, but no worries – jumping can help you escape this sticky situation (But this uses a lot of stamina, so be very careful).

Key Landmarks in the Sunken Ancient City

In the heart of the Sunken Ancient City, you will find a towering building with three locked doors (Marked by red circle in the image below). This building is crucial as it houses Valory the Bard. To rescue Valory, you need to unlock these doors by activating three scattered buttons around the city.

Alternative Route

If you prefer a more simpler-straightforward approach, you can break the door using a pickaxe. This method bypasses the need to find/locate the buttons but takes away the adventurous aspect of the journey.

Finding the First Button

For the first button, head south of the building with the three locked doors. As you can see in the image below, the button (marked by red circle) can be seen from the building that houses Valory the Bard.

Finding the Second Button

Next, make your way to the southwest of the building. The second button lies in this area. Look for an unusual landmarks like the red bounce pad (marked by red circle in the image below; I am standing from the building that houses Valory the Bard) as this is near to the button. Patience and keen observation are your best allies here.

Finding the Third Button

Finally, head to the northwest of the building that houses valory the Bard. The third button is located in this part of the city. Just like the previous button, look for a red bounce pad, this is also near to a button, then you’ll finally be able to unlock the door that houses Valory the Bard.

Unlocking the Doors

With all three buttons pressed, return to the building with the locked doors. The doors will now be unlocked, but remember, you need to press all three buttons to proceed. Missing even one will keep ALL the doors shut.

Rescuing Valory the Bard

Inside the building, just go to the deepest part where Valory the Bard is held. There are no enemies in this building, so you don’t have to worry about ’em. Once you reach Valory, the rescue is straightforward. Valory will now be a part of your team!

Integrating Valory the Bard into Your Base

After rescuing Valory, you can place/summon her in any of your base by using the summoning staff. After that, you’ll now be able to interact/talk with her

Unlocking Quests with Valory

Valory’s arrival unlocks a series of quests that are both exciting and rewarding. These quests are designed to help you advance in the game, offering new challenges and valuable rewards.

Unlocking the First Legendary Dagger

One of the first quests involves unlocking your first Legendary Dagger. This new type of weapon (the Daggers) from the new update/patch is a game changer. Follow the questline to obtain this legendary item and dominate your enemies.

Unlocking Musical Instruments

These instruments aren’t mere decorations; they infuse your gameplay with a distinct flair, introducing fresh adventures, experience, and amplifying your overall enjoyment of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the importance of the Ancient Spire?
The Ancient Spire – Blackmire is a fast-travel point, making it easier/quicker to reach certain areas in the Blackmire.

How do I avoid drowning in the black tar?
To avoid drowning in the black tar of the Sunken Ancient City, make sure to jump frequently, this action helps you escape this problem.

Can I unlock Valory the Bard without pressing the buttons?
Yes, you can use a pickaxe to break the door instead of finding the buttons. This method is quicker but skips the adventurous aspect of the journey.

What are the benefits of rescuing Valory the Bard?
Rescuing/Saving Valory the Bard unlocks new quests and valuable items, significantly enriching your gaming experience.

Unlocking/Saving Valory the Bard in Enshrouded is a worth-it-adventure. From journeying the Sunken Ancient City to unlocking powerful new items and quests, Valory’s addition to your team brings numerous benefits. So, gear-up Flameborn, and face this new-update with us!


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