Where to Get Amber in Enshrouded

Amber is a resource that you will need quite early on in Enshrouded to progress further. This guide will show you exactly where to go to get enough Amber to last some time.

Starting Location

Start Location

To get to our Amber farming spot we will start at the Revelwood Ancient Spire. This will provide the fastest route to the mining spot. From the top of the Revelwood Ancient Spire, head West to the ledge you see below:


Once you have landed, head Northwest. You will be heading more North than West.

Northwest heading

The path is quite mountainous and dangerous, so tread carefully as you make your way through the jungle. You will come across a road along the way. Follow this road north.

North Road

You will eventually come to a small dirt road that you will find on your left-hand side. Follow this road into the shroud.

Dirt Road
Shroud Road

Continue down the small dirt road until you get to the Flame Sanctum. Grab the flame and continue.

Flame Sanctum

Run around to the back of the Flame Sanctum and continue straight until you reach a ledge. Jump off the ledge and glide down. Continue straight until you see a wall of Amber and rock.

Wall of Amber

Congratulations on finding the Amber! Now you can gather up all you can farm and continue to progress through Enshrouded.

Marked Locations

Where to Get Amber in Enshrouded Video Guide

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