Enshrouded: Music Instruments

The Music Instruments

Enshrouded’s new update/patch brought a lot of new features, including Daggers, Enemies/Mobs, Ancient Spire, and a new survivor (Valory the Bard). Perhaps, the most thrilling and exciting addition is the introduction of musical instruments. This offer Flameborns/Players a fresh and unique-way to engage themselves in the game.

How to Unlock Musical Instruments

First off to unlock any of the musical instruments, one must first unlock/save a new NPC brought with the update—Valory of the Bard. This is part of the “Follow the Melody” quest line added with the new update/patch Melodies of the Mire.

How to Start the “Follow the Melody” Quest

  1. Accessing the Flame Altar: After updating Enshrouded, interact with your Flame Altar to trigger a new quest. A waypoint will then be place in your map. Progress through the main quests until the “Follow the Melody” questline becomes accessible.
  2. Quest Progression: Complete the new quest objectives until you unlock Valory of the Bard and initiate “Hand Drum for the Bard.”

Unlocking Valory of the Bard

First of all, complete the questline “Follow the Melody” where you meet a new survivor named Valory of the Bard (Can be saved in the Sunken Ancient City in the Blackmire Area). This questline is available once you progress through the main quests associated with the “Melodies of the Mire” update. It is highly suggested to unlock Ancient Spire – Blackmire (Fast-travel point) before journeying to the Sunken Ancient City.

Summoning Valory of the Bard

After you save Valory, just use your Summoning Staff to summon her into any of your base.

Once she’s there, approach Valory the Bard and select the “Anything For The Applause” option. This turns on the “Hand Drum for the Bard” quest. It is possible to turn in this quest for tons of musical instruments that were at waymarkers on the map.

All Musical Instruments in Enshrouded

The Melodies of the Mire update/patch brings a new variety of musical instruments for players to use. Here’s what you can find:

  1. Lutes (Crafted by interacting with Valory the Bard)
  2. Harps (Crafted by interacting with Valory the Bard)
  3. Drums (Can only be obtained through a quest by Valory the Bard – Can be crafted after obtaining – Found at the Treetop Vukah Settlement)
  4. Flutes (Crafted by interacting with Valory the Bard)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I unlock Valory of the Bard?
You are going to have the new survivor, Valory of the Bard, upon completion of the quest line “Follow the Melody.” This is after you progress with the main quests in the Melodies of the Mire update.

What are the requirements to access the “Follow the Melody” quest?
You need to update Enshrouded and interact with the Flame Altar to trigger a new waypoint on your map. Progress through the main quests until the “Follow the Melody” questline becomes available.

How can I find and equip musical instruments?
After completing the quest “Hand Drum for the Bard,” you will have a few different instruments to choose from (or you can just craft them by interacting with the Bard). Equip the instrument you wish to play from your inventory.

Are there other benefits to unlocking musical instruments aside from gameplay?
Well, if you really want to have a very real experience with the game, unlocking musical instruments makes up for being just an extra layer of ambiance in Enshrouded. The infusion of musical instruments in the atmosphere of the game adds up to make for an extraordinary-player-experience.

How does the music contribute to the overall atmosphere of Enshrouded?
Backed by soothing and immersive sounds from the musical instruments, the game creates a vibe otherworldly enough to help the players get lost in the environment and narrative of Enshrouded.

Melodies of the Mire offer Enshrouded a new richness in gameplay and enjoyment. Exposing Valory of the Bard and running through the quest “Follow the Melody,” game enthusiasts are offered a great dose of instruments that serve not only to buoy gameplay but also overall ambience, be it in the jamming sessions with your buddies or solo fell adventures; the musical instrument devices in Enshrouded pave the way.


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