Ancient Vault Blacksmith – Enshrouded

The Blacksmith is the very first Survivor that you will need to rescue. Although pretty simple, one cannot just run head first to the Ancient Vault.

Starting Location

You will be starting at your home base for this as it is quite nearby and one of the first quests you will be doing.

Start Location

Head North West towards the Shroud Entrance/Bridge. You can go either way, but going via the bridge does require a Grappling Hook. If you have crafted yourself one then use this way as it is faster. Otherwise you need to go through the Shroud.

Bridge Route
Shroud Route

Whichever way you decide to take you will encounter enemies along the way, so be careful!

Ancient Vault Blacksmith Location

Finding the Ancient Vault Blacksmith is not difficult at all. Once you cross the bridge or come out of the shroud, turn left and head West. You will see the vault in a matter of seconds.

Ancient Vault Blacksmith Location

Upon arriving you will be greeted by 2 enemies. You can sneak up to the first one using the bushes. The second one will hear you coming and attack. Defeat them both and continue into the vault.

First Enemy

As you enter you will see the Blacksmiths Pod as well as an enemy blocking the way. Take them out!

There will be a lore page on the table to the right. Pick it up.

Lore Page

Go to the pod and rescue the survivor! Congratulations! You have completed the Ancient Vault Blacksmith and can now summon him to assist you further in the game!

Blacksmith Pod

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