Where To Find Wax In Enshrouded

Wax is a common side product from destroying beehives found in trees, make sure you bring at least some weaponry with you though because you might wake up the angry bees within the hive!




A common ingredient with a smooth consistency. Needed for illumination of all sorts

Wax is required to upgrade your flame alter (lvl 2-3) and is a common crafting component for furniture.

Where To Find Wax

Wax can be found in as a by product of collecting honey by destroying or harvesting bee hives, these bee hives can be found in any tree outside of the shroud. Make sure to bring at least a ranged or melee weapon with you though, you might have to defend yourself from a pesky bee swarm! Bees will try to protect their nest if you come to close or if you destroy it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find it?
Any tree has a chance to spawn beehives from which you can obtain Wax.

What do I need it for?
It’s an important resource to upgrade your flame and can also be used for furniture.

Do I need anything to harvest it?
You will need at least an axe or ranged weapon, although some will be within hands reach.

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