Where To Get Iron Ore In Enshrouded

In need of Iron Ore in Enshrouded? Here’s a step by step guide to finding and mining Iron Ore. Let’s get started.

iron ore in enshrouded

Iron Ore In Enshrouded – Where To Start


Let’s familiarize ourselves with Iron Ore’s appearance before we find this mineral. Iron Ore looks like a clump of dirt in its inventory form with metal cubes sprouting all over it. In its raw form in-game, Iron Ore can be spotted looking just like its inventory appearance. A round clump of dirt with metal growing and sprouting all over. The color of its metal is dark grey which shines when light comes upon it.

Finding Iron Ore In Enshrouded

Starting Location – Kindlewastes Ancient Spire

For easier travel, start at the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire. That way, starting at the very top of the spire would give players a better sense of direction moving forward. From the ancient spire, head Southwest and head towards Ridgeback Mines.

starting point

Red Shroud

As you travel, you’ll notice that Red Shroud is blocking the way. As you level up your Flame Alter, you will be able to enter more deadly shrouds. Your Flame Alter would need to be level 5 for this one.

red shroud

To The Mines!

As you glide down and arrive at the mine, you can take out the Shroud Root to make your search easier. Around the mine, head a little bit Southwest, and then look around and try to spot some Raw Iron Ores!


Iron Ore In Enshrouded Mining Walkthrough

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