Climbing the Ancient Spire-Blackmire

The Ancient Spire-Blackmire

The new update brings a breath of fresh air with new weapons, NPCs, items, and, most notably, the Ancient Spire. Climbing this Ancient spire isn’t just about the thrill; it is also about the rewards/loots.

Locating the Entrance

The entrance to the Ancient Spire-Blackmire is located on the west side of the spire. Climbing it from other directions is hard, so it is necessary to know where to start. Be extra careful, though, as it is guarded by giant bees and purple-flying balls (The travel time to this area would be much shorter if you conquered the Ancient Spire – Revelwood).

Entering the Ancient Spire-Blackmire in Enshrouded

As you enter the Spire, you need to use the teleport-pad in the middle to start climbing/ascending the Ancient Spire and reach the top!

Step-by-Step Process of Climbing

Then, after teleporting in, you will meet a fireball trap. This one is actually relatively easy because all you do is jump so that no damage occurs to you. Just timing and precision are needed, so one must observe the fireball’s patterns and see that you jump from it at the right time.

Next, you will encounter cannons shooting electricity. Again, to dodge this, you only need to jump above it. Right timing will help you avoid taking damage.

As you proceed, you will come across two hallways: the one on the left is the one to progress with your ascent, while the one on the right brings you to a treasure room (It is not suggested to do, as it only gives low-level equipment).

To unlock the right door (treasure room), stick to the left side of the wall going to the main path.

To continue your progress to reach the top, carefully climb/jump to the side part of the giant tree to avoid falling. It’s suggested that you have the double jump ability to easily make it across a lot of the platforms found within this sector. This ability makes the climb much easier, and shows its worth at some points with really tricky sections.

You will then encounter another fireball challenge as you progress. It’s not hard if you follow the pattern shown below. By observing the fireballs’ movement and timing your run/dodge precisely, you can manage without getting damaged.

As you progress, you will encounter an obstacle (foliage to be specific) where you need a pickaxe to destroy it. Then, you can reach the purple mushroom to launch you.

DO NOT use the Glide as this will ruin your launch. While in the air, just maneuver your character to another purple mushroom to jump to another platform.

Three doors will be presented to you after the purple mushroom climb. The door on the left (marked by a red circle) leads to another treasure room.

The door at the bottom leads to the button to unlock the first lock for the treasure room. The door on the right (marked by a yellow circle) is the way towards the top of the Ancient Spire.

You’ll also encounter another button if you go through the door on the right (marked by a yellow circle).

By traversing the main route, you will ultimately reach the pinnacle of the Ancient Spire, thereby unlocking the Fast-Travel Mechanism. Congrats Flameborn!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I locate the entrance of the Ancient Spire – Blackmire in Enshrouded?
The entrance is located on the west side of the Ancient Spire. Be prepared to face enemies along the way.

What gear is essential for the climb?
Ensure you have sturdy armor, reliable weapons, and healing items (In case you got damaged by the Traps). The double jump ability is highly beneficial for navigating the spire.

How do I dodge the Fireball Traps in Enshrouded?
Watch the movement pattern of the fireballs, and make sure to jump/dodge at the right moments.

What rewards can I expect from the Ancient Spire – Blackmire?
Rewards include items, and gears. Completing the climb yields the most valuable rewards as you will unlock the Fast-Travel option.

The new update of Enshrouded released a new fast travel waypoint, the Ancient Spire-Blackmire. This type of Ancient Spire is way more different than the other Ancient Spires I have completed.

It is not hard, but the contents of it will give you new experiences, which is very fun. We will definitely get more new experiences in the upcoming updates for Enshrouded!


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