How To Get To The Revelwood Ancient Spire

Welcome to a complete guide on getting to the Revelwood Ancient Spire in Enshrouded. Here, we’ll show you how to get to the spire the fastest way you can!

revelwood ancient spire

Revelwood Ancient Spire

From Springlands Ancient Spire

Starting from the Springlands Ancient Spire, we will take a specific path to be much safer from monsters and the Shroud. We use Ancient Spires as the best possible landmarks in the game to begin any journey.

beginning loc

Flame Shrine Near Ferndale

From the Ancient Spire in Springlands, we’re going to head to the Flame Shrine North of the Spire. We have pasted an image below for better reference. This Flame Shrine should be right outside of Ferndale. A small empty town.

flame shrine loc


To ensure a safer route, we have marked a few locations that you can follow to get to the Spire much faster and in one piece. Refer to the map below.

map markers

Follow the markers as seen in the image above and head North until you reach a large Wood Forest.

Keep Going North

As mentioned, we’ve given some markers to follow on the Enshrouded Map. From Ferndale, proceed to the marker as marked below.

marked loc 1

Once you’ve reached this location, we can move forward from there.

Next Marked Location

After reaching the first Marked Location, let’s head to the next. This location is the best way to get up the hill to get to the Spire.

Next location


Once you’ve reached this marked location, there should be two roads to choose from. Left and Right. To get up the hill, run on the path to the left which is the one that leads up the hill. This will make it easier for you to glide to the Spire.


Take the left path, walk up to the top of the hill, and reach the next location. From there, it’ll be easier to get to the spire.

next loc

Flame Alter

We’re getting closer and closer to the Revelwood Ancient Spire, don’t worry! Once you’ve walked up to the hill, keep following the path until you reach a Flame Alter. This is a great reference point from here on out.

flame alter 2

From there, keep following the path north to the next marker. You should be able to hit a bridge down the path.

next marker

Don’t worry if you hit Willow Crush, once you make it out of the ruined settlement, you’ll be at the bridge straight ahead. It is important to note that there are some enemies in this area so be careful and ready with your weapons.

willow crush


To get a little bit closer to the Revelwood Ancient Spire, exit Willow Crush and the bridge should be right outside of the settlement. Cross the bridge! Be warned that there is quite a leap and a Thin Shroud by the middle of the bridge. Don’t go running so quickly! Tread carefully.



After crossing the bridge, continue forth and follow the path until you hit a crossroads. You’re nearly at the Revelwoods Ancient Spire! Keep on!


Once you’ve hit the crossroads, head east to Diadwyn and keep on the path from there.

East to Diadwyn
diadwyn settlement

Revelwood Ancient Spire

After arriving at Diadwyn, head east of the fallen settlement until you reach the cliff edges. From there, you should be able to see the Revelwood Ancient Spire. The best marker is the Flame Alter. We have marked a spot to glide to the Ancient Spire. From there, you should safely glide and land by the Spire. Then, you can solve your way up the Spire and open up the Revelwood fast travel point!


How To Get To The Revelwood Ancient Spire Walkthrough

We hope this helped you find your way to the Revelwood Ancient Spire. For more content and guides, check out our Enshrouded Homepage. Join our discord channel!


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