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How to Unlock The Ancient Spire Revelwood Fast Travel

The Ancient Spire is one of the large towers you can find while exploring Enshrouded. Once you climb them you will receive various rewards. Once you get to the top you also unlock a fast travel for that particular tower. Be careful on the way up, as there are lots of fun puzzles to complete and traps to avoid!

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Reaching the Ancient Spire – Revelwood Fast Travel Point

Getting to the Revelwood Ancient Spire is not an easy task and before you even attempt to travel here we suggest you have at least Flame Level 3 so you can walk through the Red Mist. Please be aware that one of our players in our playthrough was much further ahead and allowed them to speed ahead of the group and help them get to the spire.

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Once you reach the entrance of the tower, interact with the teleporter to bring you to the beginning of the climb challenge. Immediately you’ll be met with pulsating lightning blasts that you need to jump over. Right after that, there is a corridor with molten fireballs rolling through it. Time your run with the balls and run through to touch a switch around the left corner.

  • revelwood fast travel lightning balls
  • revelwood fast travel fireball

After hitting the switch, head back to the teleporter room and open the door on the opposite side of the room. Another set of rolling fireballs covers the next corridor, however, two fireballs is heading towards you and one heading away from you. As a result, follow the middle ball that rolls away from you to reach the next switch.

revelwood fast travel fireball 2

After hitting the switch, use the newly opened teleporter to the next room. The first thing you’ll come across in the new room is a large area of spike traps. Using a ranged weapon, look up on the walls on the left and right side of the room and hit the switches on each side.

revelwood fast travel button hit

Traverse through the spike traps until you reach a mesh wall that you can climb up. This can be found by heading through the right side of the spike traps first.

revelwood fast travel mesh wall

Once you’re on the upper floor, you’ll find all sorts of loose loot and a chest to open. Finally, you’ll find the final switches needed to open up the next teleporter. You need to press a total of four switches to open the gate.

revelwood fast travel new teleporter

On the next floor, you’ll quickly be able to see some more switches above and around you – make sure to hit those!

revelwood fast travel upper floor switch

After flipping the two switches, head through the opened door and traverse the next set of spike traps that cover most of the corridor.

revelwood fast travel spike traps 2

Hidden under a staircase just ahead is a small chest, make sure you don’t miss it as it is tucked away neatly under there! Head up the stairs and hit the two switches located both above the staircase and opposite the staircase on the next floor. Finally, head through the newly opened door, avoiding the gauntlet of lightning balls and use the teleporter.

revelwood fast travel final lightning

You’ll now be at the top of the tower! In the center, you’ll see a lit brazier that you can interact with. After some dialogue, the tower is complete and the Revelwood Fast Travel point, unlocked!

revelwood fast travel completed

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