Enshrouded: New Weapon-Daggers

The New Weapon-Daggers

Enshrouded released a new update/patch that has brought a new weapon into the game, the daggers. This weapon can elevate the excitement of your gaming adventure and infuse greater depth into your role-playing escapades.

Whether you’re a dexterity-based gamer looking to embody an assassin, or you simply want to explore a faster-playstyle, daggers offer a unique edge in gameplay. This guide will help/provide you with insights into unlocking the necessary quests and obtaining dagger.

“Follow the Melody” Quest in Enshrouded

Make sure that your game is updated (latest patch/version) to begin the “Follow the Melody” mission. Once updated, interact with the Flame Altar, a mark will spawn in your map that encourages you to explore a new area – The Blackmire.

This will lead you to the main questline of the Melodies of the Mire update. As you progress/proceed through the main questline, you will eventually reach the “Follow the Melody” quest. To easily reach the said area, you will need to start at the Ancient Spire – Revelwood.

Valory the Bard

Once you’ve saved Valory the Bard, you’ll have the opportunity to summon her at your base with the Summoning Staff. Engage in dialogue with her and choose the option (mission) about daggers. This will activate a new quest where you are to find Valory’s missing daggers (Legendary Weapon).

Valor Heart Daggers

Valor Heart Daggers will probably be your first Legendary Dagger. Follow the quest waypoints and successfully locate her missing daggers.

The quest will lead you to the Snapjaw Tar Pits, just west of the Ancient Spire – Blackmire. When you have reached the area, you will see a slain enemy with a dagger on its head. Once acquired, the daggers will be officially added to your inventory.

Dual-Wield Daggers

Dual-wielding daggers is particularly effective for dexterity-based builds. This agile/swift weapon offers a faster playstyle and can enrich your role-playing experience as an assassin.

To fully experience the dual-wielding playstyle, players/flameborns may want to allocate skill points to dexterity.

If you’re unsure whether this build suits your preferred playstyle, Enshrouded offers a respec option. You can reallocate your skill-points to dexterity to augment your potential with daggers by interacting with your Flame Altar and selecting the option to reset skill points (Runes Required).

Where to get other Daggers?

Daggers can be looted from chests just like any other equipment, which gives the players/flameborns the option to choose from variety of Daggers, which will help them in designing their characters, and look for the right stats of the weapon they want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start the “Follow the Melody” quest?
Interact with the Flame Altar to start the “Follow the Melody” mission (Make sure Enshrouded is Updated to the latest version).

What role does Valory the Bard play in obtaining daggers?
She activates the quest to find her missing daggers, which gives you a hint on where it is located (Precisely at Snapjaw Tar Pits).

How do I unlock music instruments in Enshrouded?
Complete the “Follow the Melody” questline (saving Valory) and use the Summoning Staff to place Valory the Bard in your base. Then interact with her to craft musical Instruments.

How do I respec my skill points for a dexterity build?
Use the Flame Altar to reset skill points and allocate them into dexterity, note that it requires 10 Runes to reset skill points.

In Enshrouded, daggers provide a unique weapon-choice for players/flameborns, which enhances gameplay and role-play experiences. Embracing a dexterous playstyle as an assassin or opting for a swifter, more agile approach, daggers afford a unique advantage. Experiment with different builds, and allocate your skill points effectively.


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