How To Craft A Glider In Enshrouded

The Glider is a major item of any Enshrouded player’s gear, allowing players to traverse the mountainous terrain with ease.


The Glider


The possibility to fly has always been a desirable trait. Press Space whilst in the air to start gliding. Using the wind currents and the height of the starting point, it can be used to travel great distances in an instant.

Gliding costs 4 Stamina per second so making sure you have plenty of stamina before jumping is important, unless you want to fall out of the sky like a brick.

How To Craft The Glider

Crafting the Glider is a whole adventure in and of itself, you will need to first build yourself a workbench and obtain level 5 to get the blueprint. After completing that you will need to find the following items:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I unlock the glider?
You can unlock the glider after reaching level 5

How do I get Animal Fur?
You can get Animal Fur from passive animals found around the starter area

How do I get Shroud Wood?

You can get shroud wood from trees in the shroud

How do I glide?
After jumping off a high enough surface you can press SPACE to fly, this does cost 4 stamina a second

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