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Welcome to a complete guide on A Story of Fire Quest in Enshrouded. Here we’ll go over every detail in A Story of Fire in enshrouded from its rewards to the various locations you’ll need to travel to. Let’s go!

a story of fire quest - snapshot

A Story Of Fire Beginning

To begin, we should start in our home area as it is easier to travel. An example is presented below.

Be sure to mark the Quest location to give you a better sense of direction as you travel.

waypoint set

Travel Northwest

From your home area, head Northwest until you reach a mine. Here, you should be able to grapple up the structures. After grappling up the structure, climb above and continue running Northwest. This is as shown in the following images below.

mine 1
grapple up the mine


Next, as you journey Northwest, you should come across a cave. Enter it and journey from there. Refer to the marked image below. Beware of wild wolves roaming the fields!


Cave Passage

As you enter the cave, head up the gravel ramp and the passageway. This is marked in the image below. Be prepared, there may be a pack of wolves inside the passageway so be sure to hold your defenses up! Once you’ve removed the wolves, head straight and look to your right. There should be a climbable wall. Climb up and proceed.

cave passage 2
wall cave

Next Passageway

After you’ve made it up the wall, proceed forward and turn left. Be sure to hug the wall and avoid falling off the narrow walkway!

narrow walkway

From there, head to the opening in front of you.


Flame Shrine At The End

Once you’ve exited the cave, to your right is a flame shrine you can commune with and wake. To the left, is a narrow passageway you must take to get closer to the A Story of Fire quest location. Refer to the images below.

fire shrine
left way

You may also take a look at your map to confirm your direction. Once you’ve exited the passageway, proceed forward and run to the right. Follow the path until you see a house. Take the path to the right and continue forward.

house path
right path

Flame On The Path

As you run on the path, you’ll notice a flame shrine! Be sure to commune with it and keep track of your travel progress in case of death.

flame on the path

From the flame shrine, run Northwest again. Keep moving Northwest even if you break off from the path and go off-road! Run until you get closer and closer.


Once you arrive at the quest point, be careful of the wolves in the area.

wolves loc

From there, follow the path below, and there, you should be greeted by the Obelisk and end the quest. Interact with the Obelisk to wrap up your journey. As a bonus, look around the obelisk for other items you may pick up.

the obelisk
bonus item

A Story Of Fire Quest Rewards

After finishing the quest, players will receive 75 XP.

A Story Of Fire Quest Quest Walkthrough

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