Where to find the Beehive Smoker in Enshrouded

If you enjoy the combat in Enshrouded, this quest will be a right treat for you! In this Guide we are going to tell you how to find and get the Beehive Smoker in Enshrouded.

In this quest, the Farmer wants to make beehives and honey, but lacks the Beehive Smoker. Ages ago she ordered a Beehive Smoker to her tavern in Brittlebush, but her shipment didn’t arrive before she left. The Beehive Smoker unlocks the ability to craft a Honey Beehive.

First, were out to look for Emily Fray’s tavern in Brittlebush to look for clues and retrieve the Beehive Smoker! This is the Tavern and you will need to read the notice on the outside to move on with your quest – Please note that it is worth your while looting the tavern as there are some chests inside!

After you’ve looted the tavern, the next step in the Beehive Smoking quest is to Investigate The Honey Shipment Route. When you are ready, open your quest journal with J and select the option to “Show on Map”, this will lead us right to the Shipment route. You will find that you need to head North East for the next part of your quest.

As you approach the quest marker, you will come across some debris on the crossroads with some dead mobs. Surrounding the area is some honey, it looks like the shipment was destroyed en route. Once you arrive, pick up some honey from the dead mob, this will allow you to advance in your quest for the Beehive Smoker.

Once you’ve picked up the honey, it’s on to finding and Defeating The Vukah Honey Thief! Repeat the same process as the previous step, open your Quest Journal by pressing J and selecting the option to “Show on Map” the Vukah thief.

As you make your way towards the Vukah Honey Thief you will come across their camp which is built into the side of the cliff – super cool actually. In here you will need to be a bunch of mobs as you make your way towards the Thief. Be sure to search around the camp here as there are some chests and resources you can loot. Progress through the camp until you find the Vukah Honey Thief!

The Vukah Honey Thief Fight

This guy is huge and he deals a lot of damage so be careful fighting him. He has a range of moves to watch out for:

Ability 1: Huge Stomp.

Periodically he will smash his foot on the floor creating huge damage in an area of effect below him.

Ability 2: Bum Drop

Another move the Vukah Honey Theif has is to leap towards you, landing on his bum creating a huge AOE damage.

Ability 3: Swipe

One of his most used moves is to try and swipe the player in front of him. Be careful if you are using Melee weapons as this one will affect you the most – think about bringing a ranged weapon or two to this fight.

After a long and difficult fight, once you beat the Vukah Honey Theif you will be rewarded with a Beehive Smoker! Congratulations, when you’re ready you can head back to base and place down the Beehive Smoker!

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