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The Hunters Hand Spindle Quest

The Hunters Hand Spindle quest sends you on a journey to the Revelwood area in an attempt recover the Hunter’s lost Hand Spindle.

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Where to go to Complete The Hunters Hand Spindle Quest

The quest tasks you with the objective of exploring Westcott. Westcott can be found very close by to the Ancient Vault – Farmer Waypoint. Head over and start investigating!

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After checking out some of the buildings and clearing some mobs, you’ll reach a central house with the roof entirely ripped off. Upstairs on a wooden desk, a glowing red note can be found. Interact with the note, triggering the next step of the quest! The note gives mention of a traveler that marched up north into the woods.

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Next, you’ll be tasked with retracing Athalan Skree’s steps, which leads up a trail not far off. Follow the trail until you reach an abandoned hunters camp!

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Inside, you’ll find a note titled “Leave the Rot Behind” explaining that the Hunters Hand Spindle is located and left at Revelwood. As a result, head onward towards Revelwood! Once you’re there, you’ll notice the location is marked above you, take a look up until you see a broken bridge. Once you’ve spotted it, work on getting up to the top. Reaching the top will reveal an entrance to a cave.

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Throughout the entire cave, multiple nodes of Azure Russula can be found and harvested as you make your way. We recommend bringing torches and healing items for the cave, as once you’ve traveled in far enough – a group a huge spiders will attack you!

hunters hand spindle spiders

Progressing onward leads you to a very open part of the cave system. In the far top left of the open cave room, you can find the old Hunter Camp (glowing a hue of red from a distance) and collect your Hunters Hand Spindle!

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Now that you’ve collected your main objective of the quest, head back home to place your new Spindle. Placing the Spindle completes the last part of the quest, unlocking various new recipes and craft-able items for you and your friends! The Hunters Hand Spindle primary function is to create Linen from Flax. It requires 2 Flax per Linen.

hunters hand spindle flax

Now that the Spindle is placed, you’ll want to work towards building a smelter to gain even more powerful options to craft!

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