Where to Find the Nursery Supplies Quest in Enshrouded

This is a short and sweet side quest in Enshrouded, one of many that you will find in your Enshrouded adventures. This guide will help you find the stashed Nursery Supplies.

Getting to the Nursery Supplies quest is challenging if you are not prepared for it. The mobs here are higher level and can do quite a bit of damage so we recommend making sure you have some strong armor and weapons at the ready.

We were Level 4 on our Flame at this point so we got a few benefits and I was Level 25 and my teammates were 15 and 16.

Where to find the Nursery Supplies

Make your way to the marker on the map above, you are going to want to approach from the north as you will be crossing a bridge. You will start to come across the tough mobs at this point, get ready to fight!

Start to make your way through the village, fighting off the mobs as you go. As you cross the bridge, you are heading up to the top right of the village. Make sure your quest is marked as this will help you figure out the direction you need to go.

Once you reach the quest location, this is where you are going to need to search for the Nursery Supplies. Luckily the Enshrouded Devs were super kind and left a nice bomb in the rubble for us… When you are ready, be careful and blow up the bomb!

Under the pile of rubble, you will find the Nursery Supplies! Congratulations you have now completed the Quest. If you found this helpful, check out our Enshrouded Homepage. You can join our Community Discord as well to keep up-to-date with everything Enshrouded!


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