The Queens Tomb Enshrouded

The Queens Tomb is a Quest you will come across around the mid-game of Enshrouded, you are tasked to reach The Carpenter wants you to reach the hidden tomb of the former Queen to unearth her treasures!

The Queens Tomb Location

Locating the Queens Tomb couldn’t be easier, a great tool Enshrouded has built into the game is the ability to show where the locations of quests will be before you even uncover that area. Open your quest journal with J and then press “Show on Map” to find the location of the Queens Tomb. When you’re ready, make your way to the Mistbury Catacombs where the Queens Tomb awaits you… OH, before you start your journey to the Tomb, make sure you have at least three lock picks on you!

The Main Room

Once you are inside the main room you will be met with many corridors and places to explore, you are looking for 4 light switches in this room to open up the door at the end of the room. Below are the light switches in no particular order.

Light 1

Light Number 1 can be found by going through the locked gate at the end of the room.

Climb up the mesh to your left as you enter the room.

Once at the top, you want to use your grappling hook to swing across the room and you will see the Switch on the other side!

Light 2

Light number two can be found by going back across the main room, opposite to the locked gate you just went through! Head down into the Shroud and turn right.

Make yout way to the end, crossing the Lava and on the wall at the end, you will see Light Switch Number 2.

Light 3

For Light Number 3, you are going to need yet another Lockpick. Head down the same stairs you did to find Light Number 2, but instead of turning right, go straight ahead and you will be met with a wooden door that requires a lock-pick.

Make your way across the bridge and destroy the nest at the end (left hand green circle) which will make way for you to proceed through! You will be looking to climb up the netting you can see on the right as you cross the bridge! Be careful though, as I found out you can fall down and die… (Don’t laugh at the video! haha)

Climb up the mesh and make your way around until you come across an explosive Barrel.

Attack this so it explodes and it will create a hole in the wall that you can go through which will lead you up some stairs and onto Light Number 3.

Light 4

Hidden in plain sight. This one took us a few minutes to figure out, but for this fourth and final light you are going to need a bow.

In the Main room, on the right-hand side you can make your way up to a little platform which will allow you to reach a grapple point, this will let you swing across the middle of the room across to a platform on the other side.

Once safely across, head up the stairs on the right-hand side and you will be led up to a balcony that overlooks the main room! Right across the other side of the room, you will see the final Light Switch, this is where you are going to need your bow!

Congratulations on unlocking the Queens Tomb! You can find the treasure inside the tomb.

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