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How to Craft Your Essential Grappling Hook in Enshrouded

The Grappling Hook in Enshrouded is a useful traversal tool craft-able early in the game. In this guide we’ll quickly take you through how to craft your own Grappling Hook!

Grappling Hook in Enshrouded featured img

What do you need to Craft a Grappling Hook in Enshrouded?

To craft a Grappling Hook, the following materials are required:

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Head to your workbench at the Home Base (Flame Altar) and head to the Survival section of the craft menu. To create the Grappling Hook, you need a total of 4 Metal Scraps, 7 String and 10 Shroud Spores. The Hook has a stamina cost of 40 so keep that in mind while traversing!

The Hook will help you cross a broken bridge early on while avoiding the Enshrouded area, to progress the main story.

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