Where to find Clay in Pax Dei

Where to find

Clay holds huge value in the game. It is the key ingredient of some builder/crafting stations, such as Basic Kiln, Basic Furnace, and many more. To find this item, you will look for the map and go to a location near a river or up in the mountains.


By following the river you will be able to see some. Approach the deposits and collect them by interacting with them. The Devs recently adding Clay spots up in the mountains due to players building all down the river and blocking the Clay spawns, but this is a bit random, but, keep an eye out for it around the mining areas. You’ll soon have a stockpile ready for your building projects.

Importance of Clay

Clay plays a crucial role in building and crafting mode in the game. This is why it is important to farm as many as you can, as you will run out of this when you start to use it in various ways.

Build Foundation in Plot

With the combination of clay and gneiss stone, you can lay a foundation in your plot. Equip the construction hammer, right-click and go to the construction tab. You will see a set of structures which you can select and it can be built into your plot. Some of these structures require clay. 

Using it efficiently can significantly enhance your gaming experience in Pax Dei. Whether you’re focused on building the perfect house or crafting the best tools, it is a resource you’ll constantly rely on.

Clay in Blacksmith

Aside from building, clay also plays a big role in Blacksmith, crafting furnaces, and charcoal kilns in games. The charcoal kiln is the one that burns sapwood, turning it into charcoal that we use in burning ores in the furnace to create ingots.

To create a Basic charcoal kiln we need sapwood and clay. to find this you can go to the building mode click the crafting tab and click the Basic charcoal kiln.

By building this you will unlock a new recipe “Charcoal”, which burns sapwood to turn into charcoal, which is a requirement in unlocking the basic furnace. In crafting charcoal you will be needing at least 50 sapwood in exchange for 25 charcoal. The crafting time is 20 minutes and you can stack up to 8 slots of charcoal.

In crafting Basic Furnace, you can see this in building mode. Clay is on of the ingredients in making the basic furnace.

Furnace helps you melt the ores you collected turning into an ingot that you can use in various way for example weapon, armor, jewerly etc.

Clay is also ingredient in creating Pot Kiln, turning clay into bricks and clay shingles. To create this you need to go to the Basic Blacksmith Workbench to craft Pottery Molds.

You need to reach a certain blacksmith level in order to craft these kind of tool or it has a chance to fail where you will loose some materials.

After crafting you will receive its recipe and you can now see it in the crafting tab in building mode. One of the ingredients is fine wooden planks which can only be obtained by getting heartwood and craft it to make fine wooden planks.

Once you obtained all of the ingredients you can now create the Pottery Kiln. Using the pottery kiln you can now craft between bricks and clay shingles having 30 minutes crafting time in both and has 8 crafting queue.

Now knowing the importance of finding clay is essential as you progress in the game, good luck as you traverse into the world of Pax Dei. 


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