Where to Find Pure Iron in Pax Dei


Upon entering the province of Lyonesse, open the map and head to the mine icon you see. This location has pure iron nodes. But please be careful, as this map is a pvp. You might get killed by another player and they may take all your loot.

Finding Pure Iron is quite challenging because you need to go to the province of Lyonesse where there is PVP.

Going into the Province of Lyonesse you need to be extra careful and we recommend that you have a bit of gear on you. Joining a party is good, it’s quicker to farm the Iron nodes together as well as fight together should you come across any pvp.

What to use

In mining these nodes, an iron pickaxe can break these minerals, but we highly suggest you craft the highest tier you can get for much faster mining since this is a pvp map. 

Use of Pure Iron Ore

With the use of a Furnace, you can smelt pure iron into steel ingots. but to get up to this you need a high blacksmith skill level.

To create a furnace you will need furnace plans which can be seen on the blacksmith’s workbench, and they will appear only when you’ve met the specific skill level required in the game. The skill requirement is level 16 to make the furnace plans appear on your blacksmith workbench, 

The furnace has choices of which you can craft, each ingot/glass has its own different crafting time, and you can stack a queue if you have enough materials to craft.

If you craft the furnace, it means your skill level is high enough to see a steel ingot in the selection panel, but in my case, I haven’t unlocked it yet, meaning that I haven’t met the required skill level. The skill level required to see the steel ingot in the selection panel is level 9.

Now having difficulty getting the pure iron node, good luck as you traverse into the province of Lyonesse Paxians. 


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