Where to find Flax in Pax Dei

Where to find

Flax is a strong fibrous plant used in making linen – you are going to need lots of Flax!! A gatherable item that you can see in the grassland and mountain biome, but there are places/biomes in the game where you can collect as many as possible.

You can find most of the flax fiber in the Srublands biome where you can see this one after another. While you are farming you can mark the places you spotted a flax fiber, to do this click map, click control(ctrl) in your keyboard and right-click, and you will see some icon and choose one icon and click it. In doing this once you return the flax might respawn, and you can harvest it again – exploring your local area and making marks on the map for resources is something we really recommend so you know where to go when you need certain items.

The flax is vital for creating many more in the game including strings, clothes, etc. There are no requirements for collecting flax as it is gatherable by picking up.

Importance of Flax

Gathering flax is one of the most essential parts of the game, to be able to make progress for your character and to start Tailoring in the game for clothing and armor. After obtaining your first fiber, you will have some new recipes. These recipes include:

  • Straw
  • Coarse Linen String
  • Rough Linen String

You will need the “Basic Tailoring Tools” craftable in the Basic Carpenter Workshop. The basic carpenter workshop is located in the building option upon equipping your construction hammer.

Upon crafting the Basic Tailoring Tools, you will receive new recipes, including a Spinning wheel, a Simple Tailoring Table, and a Simple Loom, which will help you in crafting flax into fine clothing.

How to use the Spinning wheel

In creating linen you will need a spinning wheel. To see this, equip your construction hammer, right-click to go to the building option, hover over the crafting, and you will see the tailoring part of the spinning wheel. This crafting tool will help you to craft the other tailoring tools as linen string is an ingredient in creating those. 

By using a spinning wheel, you can now craft flax, turning it into Coarse Linen string and Rough Linen string. The difficulty of crafting rough linen string is high due to its high skill requirement, so you might fail at crafting. Focus on leveling your tailoring skills in order to craft some string with a higher difficulty. 

How to use Simple Loom

Crafting a simple loom is like the spinning wheel. You can see this in the building option under tailoring if you equip the construction hammer but the only difference is you need Coarse linen string to make this crafting station which can only be crafted in Spinning wheel.

The simple loom is a crafting station where the linen string you crafted clothing in the spinning wheel will turn into clothing (Rough linen, Coarse Linen).

Note: in creating simple loom you will be needing “Coarse Leather string” you can craft this by crafting in the simple leatherworking table the material will be “rawhide”.

Crafting using the Simple loom is easy you just need at least 25 Linen string (Coarse, Rough) to turn into 5 Linen cloth. Crafting time in Coarse linen is about 25 minutes while the Rough linen 30 minutes. You can stack up to 8 in Crafting Queue to save time to craft while you are away farming other materials.

Note: If you have only limited flax do not use all your linen string to craft clothing linen, some linen string is still needed in crafting your clothing in the Simple Tailoring Table.

How to Use Simple Tailoring Table

To use simple tailoring table you will be using the “Basic tailoring tools” you crafted earlier to build the crafting table in creating this you will be needing a course linen string which can be crafted in the spinning wheel and some other wood materials.

After creating the Simple Tailoring Table you can now craft some of the early armor clothing which can help you protect you in various ways. First you will be needing to craft some sewing needles as this is needed in crafting other clothing.

Now that you know where to find flax and collect in time efficient way, we wish you good luck and stay safe out there in the wilderness as you explore in the world of Pax Dei.


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